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105 Minutes movie Review : People's opinions are changing as times change. According to them.. some are making Movies in a new way to their liking. Trying to create a new experience. Recently, there was a movie with only one character. That's '105 minutes'. The special feature of this movie is that there is no one except one girl in it. How did you make this film? Doubt will come to many people. Let's see how that movie is..



Technical Working Group:

Director: Raju Dussa
Producer: Bommak Siva
Sangat: Shyam
Camera: Kishore Boidapu


Since there is only one character in this movie, the whole movie revolves around that character. Janu (Hansika) who went out on a work comes back home in the evening. But on entering the house some invisible force haunts her. After walking like that, she goes into the bathroom and sits in the bathtub. Appears in the forest in the blink of an eye. After that, after some time, it is chained. Some voices scare her in between. Who scared Janu so much? What is the reason for harassing her so much? It has to be seen on the screen.


Even if it is not a horror movie, the movie moves in a way that gives that feeling. The movie feels boring in the middle of the movie as the character is only one. But as there are scary scenes, something new is seen. But the visualization is impressive. It seems that the film team has worked hard to give a new experience to the audience. How about scene after scene? It is excitement. But it feels good to be given clarity before the end of the story. But it is not known what this movie was made for.

How did Hansika act?

Hansika, who entered the industry as a glamor heroine, says that she is ready to do any role after that. After marriage, Hansika is interested in heroine oriented roles. Hansika acted well in 105 minutes. Hansika showed with her performance what kind of fears a girl has. Hansika is no stranger to acting in horror films. It is said that this experience has done justice to this movie.

Technical Working Group:

It is common to show Movies with multiple characters. But making a 2-hour film with one character is not an ordinary thing. But the new director Raju Dussa was able to show that as expected. It can be said that the camera performance of this movie is amazing. Kishore Boidapu showed his work. Sam was startled by the background sound. In total, they made a two-hour movie with one character and gave a new experience to everyone.

Rating: 5/2.5

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