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12th Fail Review

12th Fail Review: Defeat is so terrible that it strikes fear into the hearts of everyone who runs after victory. It makes us think less of ourselves that winning is not our fault. Brings tears to our hands, alienates our loved ones. One who has tried and lost is afraid to try again. But if we cannot overcome that defeat, we have to remain like a living corpse… Defeat is not great but it creates problems for us and makes us enslaved to it and wants to dominate us.

If the desire to succeed is rooted in your heart, you can overcome every defeat you face… Even the sun that gives light to the world stays on the earth for only 12 hours. Such difficulty will always remain with us! If we understand that one small point, victory will be easy, and those who cannot stand defeat will die. What victory gives us is that even the one who pointed at you till then will tell the world about you. It is a fact that if you move forward with a positive mind set that your life will be blessed only when you achieve such success, there is no force in this world that can defeat you… Courage even when defeat takes the form of struggle is one thing, as long as it is in your heart, no defeat even touches the nail of your little finger.

And with this point came the movie 12th Fail. It is not an exaggeration to say that a person who is moving forward with a goal will definitely motivate himself and make the way to his goal easier if he watches this movie… In the last few days everyone is talking about this movie a lot. You may doubt what is actually in this movie and what has been shown. Let us try to know what was said in this movie.

the story

First let's go into the story of this movie
Manoj Kumar is a man's son who earns an honest living by doing a government job and supporting his family. This government employee (Manoj Kumar's father) gets suspended from his job by his superior for just saying that I will not take bribe in my life. But he does not accept his suspension and is fighting a legal battle. At the same time, Manoj Kumar goes to the exam center with notes to pass the 12th class, but the invigilators there write the answers on the board and tell the students to write. Meanwhile, DSP Dushyant comes to the exam center and arrests the principal. Even knowing that this college is related to a political person, Dushyant proves his honesty without diminishing anywhere..and registers a case against the college management…

In total, Manoj Kumar will fail in 12th class that year. One day Manoj met DSP Dushyant and asked what should I do to become a great police officer like you sir. In response to that, he says, 'First learn to be honest'. The same word is deeply rooted in his heart. From then on, he starts a new life. He knows what he needs to do to become an IPS officer and for that he is pursuing his goal with a strong determination. He follows correctly how to use 24 hours time and moves forward to reach his goal. There will be many setbacks in this sequence. At that time, tears will come from the eyes of everyone watching this movie.

Despite all the setbacks, he never backs down. He is a persistent pervert who fights for his goal. He works in the library all day, washes toilets, sleeps for only 3 hours and studies for 6 hours. This movie is the struggle of such a boy… It is no exaggeration to say that everyone who sees this movie will surely have a strong will to achieve something in their life and try for it…

Some scenes in this movie are amazing. At the end, after he becomes an IPS officer, it must be said that the scenes that come will bring goosebumps. Everyone's eyes must be watering. Director Vidu Vinod Chopra has shown such great magic in this movie. Although it is actually a real story, he added commercial elements to it and tried to tell it in a very great way. The director was 100 percent successful in that. It should be said that Vikrant, who played the role of Manoj Kumar, lived in that role. And Meda Shankar, who played the role of Shraddha, also acted convincingly. And the music is very good. But the background music gives us goose bumps at many places…

And how little we can say about this kind of movie. That's why unless everyone watches and enjoys this movie, they won't get a great experience. So if there are any viewers who haven't seen this movie so far, this movie is streaming on Disney Plus Hot Star. It is not an exaggeration to say that you also set a goal and fight for it, and that motivates you. It is enough to know that 'there is any power on earth that cannot be defeated, that is man alone'. 'If you fight there is nothing to lose except the chains of the seventh slave keep one word in your mind and move forward and victory will come to you by itself…

If we leave aside the plus points and minus points in this movie, we will give this movie Rating 3/5

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