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2018 movie Review: movie Name: 2018
Actors: Tovino Thomas, Asif Ali, Lal, Vineeth Srinivasan, Aparna Balamurali, Kun Chacko Boban, Aju Varghese, Narine, Kalai Yarasan, etc.
Producers: Vena Kunna Pillai, CK Padma Kumar, Auto Joseph.
Released in Telugu: “Banni” Vasu
Direction: Jude Anthony Joseph.
Music: Nobin Paul
Release: May 26, 2023

Nature has given us everything. Air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, shelter to stay. But man is trying to control nature in the name of development. Nature is being destroyed in this effort. The consequences of that destruction affect human life. Untimely rains, scorching sun, spine-chilling cold winds… all these are strong evidences of nature's fury. When we see such things on TV, we are shocked. Especially heavy rains can cause immense damage. What if it rained for weeks without stopping? What if there are severe floods due to heavy rains? If the houses built by the floods are demolished vertically.. Such natural disasters are always happening somewhere. Sometimes we see their taluk news and immediately change the TV channel. What if such a natural disaster happened near us? What if your pregnant wife gets caught in a flood? What if floodwaters enter the house where your disabled son lives? What if your daughter's hard-earned degree certificates get washed away? What if the house that you built with love collapses in the water before your eyes? What if there is water all around but not even a glass of fresh water to drink? All this the residents of Hyderabad city suffered due to heavy rains last year. The people of Kerala experienced it earlier. The floods that occurred there in 2018 shook the state of Kerala. At that time, the people of that place came together as if they were one and bravely faced the natural calamity. But Jude Anthony Joseph made a movie titled “2018” by turning those events into a story. The film released in Kerala on May 5 and created a new record by collecting more than 130 crores. Bunny Vasu is releasing the movie in Telugu on Friday i.e. May 26. So what is the story of this movie? how is it Let's see in this review.

– the story

Anup (Tovino Thomas) from Aruvikkulam village in Kerala likes to join the Indian Army. But after seeing the harsh training there, he quits his job and returns. The whole village people laugh at him. And Anup is trying to get a visa to go to Dubai and earn a lot of money regardless of all that. In this sequence, he falls in love with Manju (Tanvi Ram), a school teacher from Delhi. While the story between the two continues like this, on the other hand Nixon (Asif Ali) is trying to become a model. His father (Lal) and elder brother (Narain) live by fishing in the sea. As they belong to the coastal area, whenever it rains, they leave their homes and go fishing. And Koshi (Aju Varghese) lives as a taxi driver. He shows all the places in his cab to the foreign tourists who come to see Kerala. Sethupathi (Kalai Yara Son) is a lorry driver. He goes to supply bombs for money. Everyone has a different life in that area. How did the floods that occurred in 2018 change the lives of all of them, and how did the people there help each other and get out of danger? What sufferings did the people of Kerala suffer during the floods? The movie “2018” shows these scenes as if they were blindfolded.

– Analysis

In 2018, Kerala experienced two very severe floods in the month of August. These are the worst floods in the history of Kerala. Based on this, Joseph wrote the story of this film and directed it brilliantly. That is why the people there are very connected to this film. It is close to everyone's mind because it happened there. This movie has a story that not only Malayalam people but also Telugu people can connect with. Aw sorry if anyone could help please? Some of the flood scenes were staged to make it seem like I would have gone there and helped. While watching this movie, it feels like we are stuck in the flood, and if someone helps us, we can get out.

And if the story of the film is going on as expected, there will be no big kick. It makes us happy if what we want is happening on the screen. As long as you watch this movie, everything you want will happen. Some scenes are heart touching. Eyes water. Especially the difficulty of a couple to protect their disabled son, the scene of taking a pregnant woman in a helicopter, the scene of Nixon going into the house for the certificates… Many scenes haunt us. Some scenes make us teary eyed. If the fishermen come forward to save the people trapped in the floods, it seems humane. All in all, “2018” stresses, scares, and ultimately hurts, telling us that humanity is greater than caste and religion.


It is reasonable to say that each and every actor has acted in this movie. Everyone did hundred percent justice to their role. And Nobin Pal's background music took the movie to another level. Akhil George's photography is next level. Chaman Chacko's editing is superb. VFX is natural ready. The production values ​​are also excellent.

oktelugu.com rating 3/5

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