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If you want to get a good feeling by watching a good story in this weekend, then you can watch this movie

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800 movie review : A movie can influence a person so much that a movie can change a person for good or bad. Most of the people are influenced by watching the Movies in the present time. Many people have seen the recent movie Balagam and reunited with their families. There are also people who have lost their career by understanding the movie in a wrong way.

That's why it is very important to give a good movie to the people these days…and one such movie is 800…this movie has come before the audience today.It was released as a biopic of Muttiah Muralitharan, the legendary cricketer of the Sri Lankan team. But the 800 wickets taken by him were named as the name of this movie… But now let's know how this movie is…

First of all, if we discuss about the story of this movie, how a middle class boy, Muralidharan, played cricket at the international level and surprised the whole world with his bowling. What obstacles did he face during his growing up as a cricketer, what discrimination did he face? Can a common man overcome all these and go to the best level…and how he was able to take all the wickets in a way that is possible for anyone in the world runs with suspenseful scenes. To be real, this movie story is how a common man was able to achieve such a great level…

If we can briefly analyze this movie, then this movie was first opened from a journalist's point of view. It is good to do that, some Movies were also opened in the same way before. Although the movie was established with animation figures for the first two minutes, after that it was presented normally.

Also how did Muralidharan join that school as a child. The director very sensitively deals with the fact that he developed his love for cricket from that school, trusting only the story without deviating and moving forward blindly with his faith in the character without going into unnecessary emotions. In fact, his doing so is a big plus for this movie. A few scenes in the first off can really be saluted for the drama created by the director. Because a movie about a sportsman does not have much miracles. These are only to show the difficulties he faced and how he became successful… But the director has succeeded to a large extent in changing the scene to gripping rather than telling the story as a plot. When it comes to the first half, some scenes have been elevated wonderfully. That means when Muralidharan first got the idea of ​​becoming a bowler, and when some scenes like when he took his first wicket were shown on the screen, goosebumps are sure to come to every audience.

So the director who handled the first off very well also handled the second off very well but it has to be said that the second half is somewhat less compared to the first off. If the second off was also in the range of the first half then this movie would have been a big success…and Muralidharan is a good bowler in life After facing a controversy that there is some difference in his bowling action while growing up, some tests are done on the bowling action. Because of that, some people say that he will not be able to play international matches again, and an episode of how he proved himself again and came to play international matches is also very amazing in this movie. But this movie is different from the Movies and shows the way a player overcomes his circumstances. Unlike regular commercial Movies, if we can watch this movie with the concept that we are watching a player's pain on the screen, then this movie will be very good.

And the main plus points in this movie is that Madhur Mittal, the actor who played Muralidharan's character, acted brilliantly. No matter how Muralidharan used to behave in every situation, he held the characterization correctly and acted in that character without a bit of exaggeration. The next actor who acted well after him was Rammurthy, who played the character of Muralidharan's father. He also took the movie to the next level with his performance. Although the music given by Gibran is good, it has to be said that he was busy and did not help in elevating some of the scenes. And the production values ​​of this movie are good…

Director NS Sripathi has handled this movie very well, his difficulty is visible in every scene…Also the visuals shown by cinematographer Ardi Rajasekhar are very good. Editor Praveen KL has done the editing well but it would have been better if some scenes were made a little sharper… except for the minor minuses, the major minus points of this movie are very few. Otherwise, the movie is a bit slow here and there. Everyone who likes cricket can enjoy watching this movie, but those who are not related to cricket may feel a little bored if they watch the movie… Watch a good story this weekend and get a good feeling. You can watch this movie

The rating of this movie is 2.75

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