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9 Degree Channel: 9 Degree Channel.. Impact on the economic situation of Asian countries.. What is the story?

9 Degree Channel: A channel is a wide open waterway that passes through two landmasses that are close to each other. This is in contrast to the relatively narrow water strait. Connects two large bodies of water. According to National Geographic.. a waterway/narrow body of water that connects two large bodies of water. These channels are created by glaciers or by people. Channels created by glacial rivers carved deep valleys between the two landmasses. Man-made channels are usually dug at the bottom of shallow waterways to make way for large ships.

Three channels with our country..

There are three key channels in our country. 8 degree channel separates Minicai and Maldives. A 9 degree channel separates Minikai Island from the Lakshadweep group. 10 degree channel separates Andaman Islands and Neobar Islands. Of these three channels, the 9 degree channel is the most important.

9 degree channel

– It separates the island of Minikai from the main Lakshadweep island group. Kalpeni, Suheli Par, Maliku Atoll and Amindevi subgroups together form the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. This channel is 2,597 meters deep and 200 km wide. Investigator Bank, a sunken bank, is located in the southern part of this channel.

– It is the shipping route of almost all merchants between Europe, Middle-East, West Asia, South-East Asia, Far-East. 11 ships leave here every minute. It is so named because it lies on the 9-degree latitude line north of the equator.

– This channel is owned by India. India is responsible for its protection. This channel is also popular for tourism. In the past, Maldives advertised that channel as theirs.

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