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Aarambham Review: It is very difficult to say when and what kind of films will be successful in the film industry..and in some cases, some films are made with a different concept. Most of those films are successful in engaging the audience. But the movie 'Arambam' came with a different story. But recently this movie will be streaming on ETV Win which is an OTT platform. But let's try to know how this movie is like or not…

the story

First, when it comes to the story of this movie, Miguel (Mohan Bhagat) from a village is experiencing jail life in a murder case. But one day he disappears from the jail while enjoying life properly. The gates are as they were. Similarly, the walls are also unbroken. And the police do not understand how he disappeared from the jail. And with the intention that if this thing gets leaked out, our reputation will be lost, the police will take the help of Chetan (Ravindra Vijay), a detective, to catch them anyway. And in such an investigation type, the movie is going forward. And if you want to know how Migil escaped from prison in such a manner and how it became possible, you have to watch this movie


When it comes to this movie, this movie is also opened like the Movies that came out in the time loop concept before. And even if there is a small mistake in such Movies, there are chances that the whole movie will be a problem. It means that we understand that the director Ajay Nag has handled this matter very well. And actually this is a very new concept which is not such a big deal.

In fact, it is a good thing that the director came up with the idea of ​​making a movie with such a concept.. On the whole, it must be said that he has succeeded to some extent in making this movie perfectly. Especially in this movie, the first off is a little slow, but in the second half, the story moves very fast. There is a possibility of causing some trouble to the audience due to the slow narration. It is no exaggeration to say that if you want to watch this movie from the beginning, it is not like a regular commercial movie, but if you watch this movie with a lot of patience, you will surely feel the thrill if you watch this movie till the end.

And in some scenes, the emotion written by the director has worked out very well. All in all, a new concept movie has come out with this movie… But Chetan's role as a detective in this movie seems engaging, but his investigation is not that great.

Artist Performance…

And when it comes to the performance of the artists, Mohan Bhagat Supreet Narayan, who played the lead role in this movie, also acted brilliantly. But with this movie, they got a special recognition. It should be said that if there are any variations in the story, they changed themselves into such variations and acted in that role. A maturity was seen in their performance. And those who acted in the other roles also seemed to be okay according to the scope of their roles…

Technical aspects…

When it comes to technical aspects, the music provided by Sinjith Yarrammilli is a plus for the film. But music played a very good role in cultivating some core emotion scenes in this movie. Most of the time, since the conflict in the story is new, they have got a very fresh feel even for giving music. That's why the movie moved forward in a different plot from the beginning to the end… Visually, this movie has been taken to the next level. And the visuals provided by Devdeep Gandhi, the cinematographer of this movie, are the highlight… On the whole, he has provided very good visuals for this movie and has stood at the top level…

Plus points

the story
A few twists
Background music

Minus points

A little more work would have been done in the screenplay…
It seemed like a stretch at some places…


Our rating for this movie is 2.5/5

The last line

This movie will give a good feel to those who want to watch different Movies.

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