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AC Buying Guide

AC Buying Guide: In April itself, the sun is beating like May. If it is past 10 in the morning, I feel a shiver in my back if I want to step out. In addition to this, steel casting.. As a result, people are seeing dots. Starting from Rajasthan, it is the same situation till Telangana. On the other hand, the weather department has already issued warnings. It advised to go out only if there is urgent work. In order to protect ourselves from the scorching sun, coolness is absolutely necessary. Many people turn to ACs for such coolness. In the past, ACs were available only in the homes of those who had the means. But now many people are buying ACs due to increasing financial stability. OK until buying ACs.. Do you know what precautions to follow?

These should be followed strictly

There are a few things to know before buying an AC. You should buy a suitable AC according to the residence or room you are staying in. The type of AC should be decided according to the place where you are staying like small children's room, master bedroom, living room etc. For example, if the room area is up to 120 square feet, an AC with a capacity of one tonne is sufficient. If the room area is 120 to 200 square feet, one to two tons. If the living room is larger than 200 square feet, two tons or more capacity AC should be used.

They were in the same room.

Window AC is mostly used by those who stay in the same room. In a window AC all the devices are installed in a single box. It is very easy to fasten. It can be clamped in the window or wall opening area. The price is low but the noise is high.

Split AC

Accordingly, two devices are separate in this AC. If one is fixed at home, the other will have to be fixed outside. The compressor is located outside the unit. So the noise is not loud. Fastening it is a bit laborious.

Hot and cold AC

As the name suggests it is suitable for all types of weather conditions. When the weather is hot, it cools down. Gives warmth when the weather is cold.

Portable AC

It can be taken anywhere according to our needs

Tower AC

They are used to rapidly cool large rooms and commercial spaces.

These should be

AC should definitely have filters to purify the air. Only then no dust and dirt will enter the AC. As a result, allergies are not a concern.

By getting an AC with auto clean feature.. it cleans itself. As a result, bacteria and microorganisms are prevented.

An AC should especially have a dehumidification feature. Only then the room will not be full of moisture and dampness. Apart from these, features such as smart connectivity, auto start, four way swing, turbo mode, sleep alarm, after sales service should also be ensured.

Many companies say that not all ACs have the same capacity. There are also many differences in terms of power consumption. That's why you should take only star rated AC. It is much better to choose a 4 or 5 star rated AC as compared to a single star AC. It saves electricity bill.

Based on room temp..

The compressor in the inverter AC works based on the temperature of the room environment. When the temperature is high, the compressor is under pressure and has to work harder. When the room is cool, the load is less on it. Due to this, the electricity consumption is also reduced to a great extent.

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