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Amazon: Amazon is not only anacondas.. there are more snakes there

Amazon: When you hear this name, you think of Anaconda. I don't know about the influence of Movies or anything else, but the Amazon has been established as the most suitable place for anacondas among many. Is the Amazon just a place for that giant snake? Aren't there other new species out there? Scientists have done extensive research in the Amazon Rain Forest to find these things. A new species of snake was discovered as part of this. It is rumored to be the largest in the world. A team from the University of Queensland went to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. Henceforth the “northern green anaconda” (Eune ctes akaima) went in search. No one has found this snake till now. The scientists announced that they came for this observation as per the invitation from Vorani.

A team of scientists led by Professor Bryan Fry spent ten days

Observed in “Baihu Yeri Worani” with hunters from Bameno region. Meanwhile, a team of scientists observed anacondas waiting for food in some desolate areas.” It was a wonderful group of creatures. One of the green anacondas we saw was 6.3 meters long which is about 20.7 feet. We were surprised to see it like that. Rare Anaconda snakes will soon be aired on the National Geographic Channel in the “Pole to Pole with Will” series. Snakes 7.5 meters (24.6 feet) long and weighing 1100 pounds have also been found in this area,” the team of scientists announced.

Green anacondas are the heaviest snakes in the world, according to the United Kingdom Natural History Museum. The team of scientists revealed that there are snakes with a weight of 225 kg, length of 27.7 feet and width of 3.6 feet. Scientists say that green anacondas diverged from the southern anacondas a million years ago. The scientists found in their observation that there is a 5.5% genetic difference between these two species. “Humans are only two percent different from chimpanzees. But in these snakes, it is 5.5%,” scientists say.. And in this species, a snake named Radiculated Python is 20.5 feet long. Otherwise it's easy.

This team of scientists has revealed key facts not only about these snakes but also about the threat that Amazon faces from humans. Agricultural expansion has shrunk the Amazon basin by 20 to 30 percent. It is estimated that up to 40 percent of the Amazon rainforest could be affected by 2050. Deforestation, spontaneous fires, drought and climate change are seriously affecting the Amazon forest, say a group of scientists.

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