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How To Get Rid Of Ants Permanently In The House

Ants: When you see ants, you feel bad. What kind of ants do you think is good to see? Such is their discipline. When an ant enters the house, everything comes in a queue. The kitchen is located near the dishes and cooking materials. No matter how disciplined you are, it is difficult for people to stay at home. That is why chemical products are used to drive the ants out. But, if there are young children, they can be dangerous. To avoid this, chemical free home tips can be followed. Know what to do for that.

Citrus-based fruits repel ants. If there is citrus, then what are the fruits? Thinly slice the peels of oranges, lemons and oranges and keep them in places where ants roam. This keeps the ants away. Citrus fruits peel liquid is also very useful in keeping ants away. For this, thinly slice the skins and add a quarter cup of warm water and blend. Strain it and spray it on the ant area.

Ingredients like chili have the property to repel ants. So, put black pepper and red chili in the area where ants roam. This keeps the ants away. Neem oil also repels ants. For this you should use some castile soap, neem oil, water, spray bottle. First fill a spray bottle with 1 1/4 cups of water and add castile soap. Add 1 tablespoon of neem oil in it. Close the bottle and shake it all up. Then spray the prepared mixture on the area where ants roam.

Coffee grounds repel ants. The smell of coffee does not attract ants. So, sprinkle coffee powder in the area where ants roam. This will keep the ants away.
Vinegar contains acetic acid. It repels ants. For that spray vinegar in the area where ants roam. Similarly, spray the area and wipe. This will reduce the ants.

Baking soda repels ants. It does not contain any chemicals. So, it can be used happily. For this, add equal amount of sugar to baking soda. Applying this mixture in the areas where there are many ants can get rid of the ant colony.

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