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Opposition united against TDP alliance in AP

AP Politics : Vijayawada : Is the voice of opposition parties changing in AP? Are all parties coming together? If that happens, are the alarm bells ringing for the TDP alliance? The answer is yes. After YCP came to power in 2019, the party has been winning unilaterally in all the elections. At least the opposition was not taken into account. Jagan suppressed the agitations taken up by the public associations with the support of the left parties with an iron foot. Even if Jagan went on a tour or there were state-level agitations, early arrests and illegal detentions continued. That is the reason for the unity of the opposition. Irrespective of the ideological differences, the alliance parties got the support of all sections of the people unilaterally.

In the 2019 elections, the YCP alone won a one-sided victory. Earlier all the oppositions were alienated by the mistakes made by Chandrababu Sarkar. Chandrababu came out of NDA. Jana Sena also contested with left parties instead of TDP. That is what caused the vote split. It contributed to YCP's victory. The seeds of TDP's terrible defeat were planted just then. But even Jagan, who came to power in 2019, stopped taking the opposition into account because people saw him and voted for him. They also suppressed general public movements. Finally, even if the workers took the path of agitation to achieve the problems, they put an iron foot on them. That is why public organizations have also come to a strong decision to defeat Jagan. In the form of Sharmila, the Congress party worked with a strong determination to defeat Jagan. The left parties have also strongly decided to teach Jagan wisdom. The Loksatta Movement Party, however, announced its support for the alliance. All the parties wanted the defeat of Jagan.

But will the coalition government give a chance to the unity of the opposition now? Or? That should be seen. There was an article in the Deccan Chronicle magazine that the Chandrababu Sarkar had said OK to the privatization of Visakha Steel. The TDP ranks attacked that office. This was denied by the opposition. YCP chief Jagan reacted strongly. He alleged that since the day the alliance came to power, there have been anti-government activities in the state. Sharmila spoke in support of this. If you have guts, depose Prime Minister Modi, he challenged. Left parties also expressed the same sentiment. They demanded to suspend BJP. Analysts are of the opinion that if we look at the latest situation… YCP, Left parties, Congress and small Chitaka parties come together.

Telugu Desam Party lost in 2019 elections. That party got 40 percent votes. However, it is limited to 23 seats. Analysis has come that TDP has not recovered now. But because of the failures of the ruling party and the coming together of the opposition, the Telugu Desam Party became stronger. In March 2023 MLC elections for graduates, the Left parties have expressed their support for the TDP candidate. That is why TDP won three MLC seats of Uttarandhra graduates along with Rayalaseema. Since then the countdown for YSP has started. Analysts are of the view that even now there are opportunities for YCP to strengthen. However, depending on the policies followed by the coalition government, there is a possibility of unity between the opposition parties. If that happens, it is not an exaggeration to say that the TDP alliance will also face the same consequences as YCP.

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