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Will Venu Swamy's Prediction Come True In Ap

Astrologer Venu Swamy: There is political high tension in AP. Both sides are desperate for victory. YSP says that it is certain to come to power again. The leaders of the three parties believe that the coalition will get a huge victory as there is strong opposition to the government. However, the slowness of the coalition parties at the field level is not visible in the YCP. There are various reasons for this. As the polling percentage increased, the postal ballot votes of the working teachers were one-sided and there was a large-scale transfer of officials before the polling, a kind of suspicions grew in the ruling party. As the analysis came that positive winds were blowing for the coalition, the ruling party fell into a deal. At this time the trust in the cadre is losing. It seems that Jagan has entered the field to control this. As part of that, there will be a meeting with the YCP social media department along with the IPAC team.

On the other hand, the ranks of the YCP believe in the famous astrologer Venu Swamy. They remember his past predictions. Venu Swamy had earlier said that YCP's coming to power for the second time is certain. He also said that Jagan will score a hat-trick due to caste. He also announced how many seats YCP is going to win. He concluded that YCP will win in all 136 seats. Venu Swamy made it clear that Jagan will win the 2029 election and score a hat-trick. Joshyam said that the Telugu Desam Party will disappear without stopping. With this, the ranks of YCP are getting relief by remembering Venu Swamy.

But the same Venu Swamy said that Pawan Kalyan will be cheated by TDP few days ago. But if the Telugu Desam Party disappears, the question arises as to how they will be cheated by that party. Venu Swamy also made a prediction in the Telangana elections in six months. Joshyam said that it is certain that KCR will come to power once again. After a few days, KTR will be crowned and KCR will enter central politics. But there the situation turned opposite. KCR lost. The party was in shambles. Daughter Kavitha was arrested in a corruption case. There are reports that KCR is having difficulty in fielding the right candidates in the parliamentary elections. In the case of KCR, Venu Swamy's prophecy did not bear fruit even to the smallest degree. But analysts are of the view that Venu Swamy's claim that Jagan will once again come to power in the face of such opposition to the government is an exaggeration. However, due to the developments in Telangana, there are some doubts about Venu Swamy's prophecy in AP as well.

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