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Dev Atharva Karna (Karthik Raj) from a middle class family is interested in becoming a policeman, he participates in police events and successfully completes the events, but he is rejected in the medical test due to asthma.

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Atharva Review: Suspense thriller Movies are currently the trend in the industry. Especially every audience is ready to feel the thrill of watching these Movies. More importantly, the makers are also showing great interest in making such Movies and making them successful. That is why most of the Movies that are released in a week are suspense thriller genre Movies… But this week also a movie called Atharva was released in suspense thriller genre. Now let's try to know how much this movie thrilled the audience…

First, if we go into the story of this movie

Dev Atharva Karna (Karthik Raj) from a middle class family is interested in becoming a policeman, he participates in police events and successfully completes the events, but he is rejected in the medical test due to asthma. And in this order, he will not get a police job. After learning about the Clues team, he puts an application for the related examination and gets qualified by writing the related exam. With that, he will join the CLUES team in Hyderabad as a biometric analyst. But he joins this job with the intention of doing his job properly so that none of the murderers escape from him. And in the same order, both the heroine Joshni and her lover Shiva are found dead and lifeless in the same apartment.

After inspecting the scene, the police closed the case by writing that Shiva killed his lover Josh and then committed suicide because of the quarrel between them. But according to the visible events that happened there, Karna finds it to be a pre-planned murder and tries to find clues related to the case. And as a part of that, how did he solve the case and who did the actual murder. What is the motive point for them to commit that murder, you should know after watching the movie

Let us find out how this movie is through a brief analysis…

The director has chosen this story and has done a very good job because suspense thriller is not always regular but adding thrilling elements to the story, the director thought that this film should be made in such a way that the audience is excited at every moment, but even though the plot of the story is good, the way the director shoots it on the screen, it must be said that the audience did not like it. Why is it that when an audience watches a thriller movie, the twists that feel the thrill keep coming in the Movies. In such a case he feels very thrilled. Also, if twists are made to suit the story, the audience will get a good high feeling. However, although this movie kept the audience engaged for a short while, the movie was plodded along by giving unnecessary Songs and fights and Hero elevations. For a movie to be engaging, we have to choose the right story. While shooting it, we have to check ten times whether the driving force related to our story is correct or not. Also, while establishing the depth between the characters in the Movies, we have to look at the way those characters behave ten times, otherwise there is suspense. Thriller Movies don't have any elements of suspense or thrill, so it remains a plain rotta movie.

Through this, the point that the director wants to make is compromised in being elevated, and by doing so, it becomes a big minus for the movie… However, the director of this movie, Mahesh Reddy, is both the writer and the director, so it would have been better if the movie was made straight forward without adding some suspenseful elements. If that was done, this movie would have been recognized as a good movie by the audience. Now what has happened is that the unnecessary commercial elements in this movie have spoiled the whole movie. When watching these scenes, there is no life in it. The audience became extremely impatient. What every director coming to the industry should know is that even if there are no Songs or fights in the suspense thriller genre, it does not matter if we follow the content correctly and cross-check the film ten times and present it on the screen. If done, the audience will appreciate it even if there are no commercial elements in it. Because in suspense thrillers, content is the only strength, and to be more precise, there is no need for Hero and heroines in these Movies, no matter who plays the character, the story only speaks, so it would be good if the direction is designed according to the story.

When it comes to the performance of the artists, Karthik Raj, who played the lead role, tried to entertain in his own way, but the director did not use him fully. Even though Simran Chaudhary has acted in her own way, it would have been better if she had designed the scenes in such a way that she would have more screen scope. And Kabir Duhan Singh's performance also seemed okay… The rest of the Actors acted according to their role. They did as the director told them, but it didn't look like they had given their full effort…

When it comes to technical matters, Sai Charan's classical music has no guts. The Songs are barely audible. It must be said that Bijiyam also did not give that much impact…Also the visuals provided by cinematographer Charan Madhavane are also somewhat plus for this movie. Because in these Movies, either when shooting some key points, or at the time of revealing some key points according to the story, the visuals are very pure and the lighting is the same as the regular lighting formula… and the less we talk about editing, the better.

And the plus points in this movie

the story

Now come the minus points in this movie
Except for one story, the rest is a minus for this movie. Even in one place, the director did not want to show his mark and took what he liked. Apart from that, will it please the audience..? A big minus of this movie is that it doesn't even have a small idea of…

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