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Nevada California Bodie Ghost Town Is A Terrifying Mystery

Bodie Ghost Town: Bodie Ghost Town in eastern Sierra Nevada, California is visited by millions of people every year. This historic city is situated on a hill at an altitude of 7,395 feet (2,254 meters). Even today it is shaking the world with many mysterious stories. The beauty of the place can only be enjoyed with the eyes, but if you take the things beyond the eye and put them in your bag, that's all. As long as there is life in Bondi, Kailasam is certain.

Recognition in 1859

A man named Guy Bode traveled eastward to the Sierra Mountains in 1859 with his friends. He bought this area for the first time. The friends discovered that there was a gold mine there and kept the place a secret for some time without their knowledge. But Bode died in a blizzard on the way to his hometown of Monoville. So all his friends named the gold mining area as Bode. But when the person writing the name on the board wrote Body instead of Bode, the same name was fixed. Over time, as the number of people who knew about the mine increased, by 1876 large-scale gold mining began there. The area developed rapidly with mining companies and hydro-electrical centers.

Raised residences

In this order, the number of people settling there increased. Around 10,000 people have settled. As the traffic from other areas increased, the railway line was also formed. By 1880, many businesses had sprung up in the body. There were all Chinese in a big building called China Town. They sell the goods of their country there. However, the crime rate in Body Town was extremely high. Murders, gambling, prostitution, robberies, shootings, street violence are recorded.

I don't believe that we will come back..

And in 1882, a family went to Badi for livelihood. Goodbye to the child of that house Devi .. we are going to Badi. She cried and prayed hard. From that you can understand what kind of scary atmosphere there was. If we go there, we would not believe that we will come back alive. Some died due to injustices and violence, others lost their lives due to severe snow. Some others died in mining accidents.

Fire accident in 1892.

And in 1892 there was a big fire in Badi. There was heavy property damage. The railway line was closed by 1917 as the mines were empty. Another major fire occurred in 1932. The whole town was empty. The body, which is in harmony with nature, is now experiencing many pains.

Two eyes are not enough..

Two eyes are enough to see the city of Bodhi. Tourists are impressed by the vehicles, old buildings and horse-drawn carriages scattered on the hill slopes and vast grassy plains. A total of 168 buildings are still standing here. A nearby cemetery contains 150 burials. But in Body Town, even during the day, strange waves are frightening.

There are supernatural powers.

Many tourists who have ventured to sleep in the ancient houses have shared their experiences of being suffocated by supernatural forces and haunted by unseen forms. Locals believe that a Chinese woman haunts O Cain's house as a ghost. A three-year-old baby named Evelyn is said to be heard giggling in the graveyard.

Take things..

The tourists who came here took the bottles and small toys they found there and bought accidents. The twist is that each item taken comes with a letter and returns to the body. Body objects appear in many anonymous letters saying we are sorry for stealing or taking this object. Those who carried the goods were troubled by many problems like car accidents, loss of jobs, getting seriously ill and returned the goods to the body. Knowing that, they don't touch the things here.

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