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BRS: BRS is working as Kabja Korula

BRS: On the throne of Kanakapu
Shunaka is an auspicious ascendant
The thief's cloth is stiff
Is the back quality better? Vinura Sumathi

It means.. Even if a dog is crowned on a golden throne in an auspicious moment, its evil nature will not leave. Likewise, he who gives a lowly position to a high position does not give up his lowly nature.

This is KTR's tweet yesterday. Naturally Telangana community would not have expected such posts from KTR. Moreover, such a low-key tweet does not suit his personality. KTR, who was in the government until recently and who was trying to be the shadow chief minister, now suddenly lost power, is KTR talking about something. Netizens have been lashing out at him since yesterday. Naturally, if KTR tweets, most of the replies will be positive. However, in the above post made by KTR yesterday morning, there were mostly negative replies.

Well, since KTR is a political leader..because people have given opposition status to his party..because it is his right to question Revanth Reddy's government..since Revanth Reddy has also questioned KCR's government in the same way..let's make some exception. Well, how many promises did KTR implement in that calculation? How many were given double bedroom houses? What was the answer if Inter students died due to the management of Globarina company? If the Telangana State Public Service Commission has become a breeding ground for errors, how can the opposition be criticized? In the end, did KTR say that if a student commits suicide, she has a love affair? And then how can KTR post the saying Shunakam? Moreover, has the KCR government taken any action against the rose leaders who are involved in encroaching on government lands? Rythubandhu who boasted so much finally gave money for the Srisailam highway road. And then how can this scheme be promoted as the greatest?

Until then, why rose leaders looted government lands in the name of Jivo 58, 59, isn't it true? Isn't it true that the Municipal Administration Department, which worked under KTR, put a photo of the field level on a special website and actually occupied the government land and slammed the government? After preliminary investigation, there are reports that thousands of acres of land have been encroached so far. For whose benefit was this Jivo 58, 59 brought? How many poor have benefited from this? What is the level of cooperation received from them to the government? The leaders of the previous Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi had no answer to them. But now if the Congress government digs into the past land agreements and land regularizations, eye-opening facts are coming to light. For example, the president of Bharat Rashtra Samiti from Khammam city has regularized 411 yards of government land in his wife's name. That too in the name of Zivo 59. After showing a photo at the field level, he actually transferred the most expensive government place in his name. The news about this is coming prominently in Andhra Jyoti.. Due to the swift action of the government, the president of Khammam city of Bharat Rashtra Samiti has been jailed.. This is the only thing that has come to light. There is a lot more to come.. Is KTR angry because the Congress government is digging up their irregularities? Is that why the dog throne poem was posted? But this same KCR will be the watchdog of Telangana. Who is KTR's post aimed at then?!

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