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Actor Rajeev Kanakala's son, Roshan Kanakala, introduced himself as the Hero and made a film called Bubble Gum.

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Bubble Gum Review: Every week there are many Movies that attract the youth. Only a few of the films stand as standard and are moving forward towards achieving a huge success. In a similar sequence, anchor Suma Kanakala and actor Rajeev Kanakala's son Roshan Kanakala introduced themselves as the Hero and made a film called Bubble Gum. This movie released today. Let us find out through a brief analysis whether Roshan Kanakala is successful with this movie or whether Roshan will work as a Hero or not…

First of all, when it comes to the story of this movie, Roshan Kanaka is a boy who spends his time roaming without a song and enjoying himself. He loves Manasa Choudhary, and he walks in love with Manasa. While he walks in love for many days, another person comes in the middle and interferes with their love. Roshan damages Kanakala's image on one occasion. The story goes on with the idea that in order to save the lost image again, we have to get a separate image for ourselves. But you have to watch this movie to know whether he achieved his goal as he thought and married Manasa Chaudhary whom he loved or not…

Ravikant, the director of this movie, has made this movie very exciting. In particular, he has sustained the curiosity of what will happen in each scene very well. Especially, he earned a good name with the Movies Samsham, Ram and His Leela and it must be said that Ravikanth was 100% successful in making this movie beautiful. Ravikanth who directed this movie with Arjun Reddy flavor did his best to make this movie a success. Especially in this movie, which has been targeted at the youth, it is clear that the youth whistles are appropriate for some scenes. Also, Roshan Kanakala also suited the character very well… Although some scenes in the second half seem somewhat laggy, the film moves in a flow, so it is clear that it is not a big thing. Also, it seemed like the climax ended too quickly. Although the justification given in the climax is good, it would have been better if it had been extended a little more, and some of the twists in this movie also seem to be the highlight of the movie, but they seem out of context.

And when it comes to the artist's performance, Roshan Kanakala has owned the character well and performed very settled. He was able to clearly show on screen what a young boy wants and how he fights for his dreams. Even though Roshan is a first-time film artiste, it is really great to give such a matured performance. Many people think that the reason for that is that their mother and father are also good Actors. Manasa Choudhary who played the heroine also performed very well. The rest of the artistes also gave a good performance in their own way. In particular, Viva Harsha also gave a settled performance in his own way and also delivered good comedy in the film.

When it comes to the technical aspect of this movie, Mr. Charan Pakala, who has provided the music for this movie, has provided very good music in his own way. The music provided by him has also helped to elevate some scenes… The background score given by him is also very fresh and involves us in the movie. Ravikant's direction, story and screenplay helped the movie very well…

And when it comes to the plus points of this movie

Story and direction are very good plus for this movie

Roshan's acting is also good.

Some elevation scenes helped the movie a lot…

And when it comes to the minus points of this movie

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