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A Recent Report Has Shown That Consumption Of Certain Items Can Also Cause Cancer

Cancer: Cancer cases are increasing every year in our country. According to the National Center for Disease Information and Research 2024 report, 14 lakh new cancer cases have been reported in our country in 2022. For so many days we thought that the main reason for the increase in cancer cases is smoking and drinking. Several medical reports have also revealed the same. But, apart from them, the latest report has shown that eating habits and consumption of certain items in our daily life can also cause cancer.

Goods made of coal or tar

Products made from processed coal or asphalt are not so good for health. These lead to digestive cancer cases. Hair dyes, cosmetics and shampoos use tar and coal processed materials. They lead to cancer. The chemicals in it stimulate the carcinogens and then lead to the disease.

Para Bence

Chemical compounds such as parabens are used in the manufacture of soaps, shampoos and shaving creams. These disturb the balance of hormones in the body. Affects fertility. It causes breast cancer especially in women. To prevent such it is advisable to use products that have para ben pre label.

Formaldehyde Hyde

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas. It has a musty smell. It is used in the manufacture of construction materials. Automobile equipment, textiles, pesticides etc. are made with it. It causes cancer like nasopharyngeal and leukemia.


Talates are synthetic fragrances. Perfume, hair spray, nail polish, air fresheners are made from these. These can cause allergies. It leads to breast cancer. It also affects the function of hormones in the body. In order to protect yourself from these, you should use the products of branded companies.

Acrylic Maid

Most of us are used to eating fried things. Some people like to deep fry. Frying food in too much oil produces a chemical called acrylamide. It is not good for health. Acrylamide is formed when baking soda and other ingredients are used, especially in the preparation of junk foods. It leads to cancer.

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