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Chandigarh: Exactly one year ago.. Allu Ramalingaiah's birth anniversary was celebrated. On this occasion, Allu Aravind, Chiranjeevi and other family members attended the event. On this occasion, each of them noted their connection with Allu Ramalingaiah. But the story told by Allu Arjun alias Banni seemed different from all others. Either he has become an icon star or he is ruling the Telugu film industry as Pushpa Raj.. Once upon a time Allu Arjun did not have this much recognition. They had trouble at home because of his lack of study. She was worried about what would happen. Naturally, Allu Ramalingaiah has a lot of foresight, so keeping his grandson's future in mind, he made a deposit in the bank in his name. After that Allu Ramalingaiah passed away. After some time that cash came into the hands of Allu Arjun. He was surprised that I got money. After that when Allu Arvind told the real thing, he broke down in tears. Allu Arjun said the same thing in Allu Ramalingaiah Jayanti celebrations. Allu Arjun got emotional saying how much his grandfather cared about him. A similar story happened in the life of a grandson. His grandfather's saving became Bindas.

Most of us want to be millionaires. Dream of becoming a millionaire overnight. But not everyone is like that. If you want to be a millionaire, you don't have to spend crores upon crores. Just saving hundreds is enough.. A senior citizen has proved that it makes us Mrs.. If he invested 500 back then.. now it has reached 3.75 lakhs. The investment made by that senior citizen.. is coming in the form of returns and his grandson is flying.. he is thanking his grandfather. He posted a post on Twitter X regarding this. It has now gone viral.

Tanmay Motiwala is a pediatrician from Chandigarh, Punjab. One day while packing things in his house, he saw a truck box used by his grandfather. Motiwala opened it and saw what things were in it. But in it he found a valuable document. Before long he flew like a moth. Seeing the investment made by his grandfather, he was very happy.

In that trunk box, Motiwala found the certificates related to his grandfather's purchase of 500 worth of SBI shares in 1994. He bought his grandfather's shares and kept them with himself.. He did not sell them to anyone. In this background, Moti Wala found out how much profit he got from the shares bought by his grandfather with 500. Motiwala's grandfather bought a total of 50 shares for 500 in 1994 at the rate of ten rupees per share. Now their value has reached 3.75 lakhs. That means he got 750 percent returns on his investment.. Motiwala is celebrating with this. He is proud of his grandfather's foresight.. Motiwala shared the certificates related to the SBI shares bought by his grandfather on Twitter X platform. It is said that in any field, you have to predict the future. It is said that the SBI shares bought by Motiwala's grandfather are an example.

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