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Cotton Candy: That's why peach candy was banned... do you know how dangerous it is?

Cotton Candy: Peach candy is mostly seen in fairs and festivals. From children to adults, it will leave your mouth watering. We all have eaten many times already. But, unknowingly we have consumed poison. Can't believe it.. but it's true. Recent research has confirmed that peach candy is very dangerous. It has been found in researches that dangerous chemical is added to it and it becomes carcinogenic. It is said that eating it is like buying cancer.

Medaram fair..

Food inspector officials raided and seized a cart that was making and selling peach candy at Medaram Sammakka and Saralamma fairs. The sale was stopped due to the presence of dangerous chemicals in it. They spread the word that no one should eat it.

Ban in that state..

The states of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry have already banned peach candy due to the presence of a carcinogenic chemical and a chemical compound that damages various organs. The medical and health department officials of the respective states have warned that strict action will be taken if they are manufactured and sold. Recently it was also banned in Andhra Pradesh.

Do you know which chemical is there?

Tamilnadu food safety officials recently conducted inspections across Chennai city to test the quality of peach candy. Then some samples were collected and studied. This peach candy has been found to contain a chemical called Rhodamine-B. This chemical was confirmed to be present in the color used during the manufacture of peach candy. This rhodamine-B is known as industrial dye. Used in clothing coloring and paper printing. It should not be used as food colouring. But candy makers use chemicals for attractive colors. Food safety officials have confirmed that this can cause health problems. He said that if it goes into our body in large amount, it will affect the kidneys and liver. Revealed that it leads to ulcer and cancer.

Peach candy since 1897.

Peach candy was invented by William Morrison, an American dentist. It was created in 1897 with confectioner John C. Wharton. According to Rakesh Raghunathan, a chef and food historian from Tamil Nadu, it was first known as Fairy Floss. But peach candy is said to look white like freshly harvested cotton and over time it was called cotton candy. In the early days, this cotton candy was colored with chlorophyll (green), carotenoid (yellow, orange or red) and anthocyanin (blue).

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