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Death Valley

Death Valley: Tourists are queuing up to see what the sun looks like in Malamala Madche. We keep AC on at home without exposing our legs only when the sun exceeds 40 degree Celsius. But, some are flocking to Death Valley, California to experience the 50 degree Celsius heat. They are moving without listening to the management of the national park there. Recently, a bike rider also lost his life due to heat stroke. However, the tourists are not stopping. Let's know the details of why this death valley is so dangerous.. what is its specialty.

The highest temperatures

Death Valley in California, USA is the hottest place in the world. Geological conditions are also responsible for these unusual temperatures. The highest temperature recorded here was 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.66 degrees Celsius) on July 10, 1913. Otherwise there is a dispute that it is incorrect. August 16, 2020, July 9, 2021, and June 16, 2023 recorded 130 degrees Fahrenheit. State-of-the-art sensors in Furnace Creek here have detected them. 129 degrees was recorded six times. This temperature was recorded outside Death Valley in Kuwait on July 21, 2016. This alone tells the uniqueness of Death Valley.

Most days of the year are fire..

Temperature statistics in Death Valley will make anyone sweat. An area called Furnace Creek is extremely hot.

· 147 days in a year average temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit is recorded. This is also between April 14 and October 12.

· 92 days a year with the lowest average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

· 23 days of average heat is 120 degree every year. And the lowest temperature for 32 days is above 90 degrees

· On July 5, 1972, the ground temperature here was 201 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a few degrees below the boiling point of water. The temperature that day was 128 degrees Fahrenheit.

· In the years 1929 and 1953 no drop of rain fell. Between 1931–34, less than a centimeter of rainfall was recorded in 40 months.

Hell on earth..

Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park is 190 feet below sea level. It is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. Air warms as it moves below sea level. Due to the presence of hills around it, there is no chance of cold air entering this valley. It will not even get out. Not only the temperatures there, but dangerous lightning floods are also very natural. Floods in August 2022 wreaked havoc in the park. Flash floods in 2015 washed away the roads here. The area was covered with several feet of mud. Very rarely snowfall is also recorded. 4 inches of snow fell on January 10–11, 1949.

The Europeans who are moving..

Due to the high temperatures recorded in Death Valley this year, tourists are coming from European countries. A recent high of 128 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded here. Recently, a biker died of heatstroke in an area called Badwater Bison. Another was hospitalized. National Park Supervisor Mike Reynolds has warned that the heat here will have a major impact on the health of tourists.

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