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DGP Ravi Gupta: DGP who wanted money.

DGP Ravi Gupta: Money is not bitter for anyone. From the rich Mukesh Ambani to the daily wage earners, everyone needs money. For some, money is a luxury. Others need money. That is why the saying that the source of wealth is the world is born. And if some people choose the right ways to earn this money. So the shopkeepers fall in the order they choose. Sometimes they are deceived. However, Telangana DGP Ravi Gupta is also in this list. Although surprising to hear.. this is true for all three. Moreover, he himself admitted this. He explained what happened in his experience that if they say that money will come easily, you should not believe it, but you should remember that there is a big plan behind it.

A meeting on control of cyber crimes was held in Hyderabad on Friday under the auspices of the Telangana Cyber ​​Security Bureau. DGP Ravigupta shared his experiences in this program held at Hyderabad Command Control Centre. A former DGP of Karnataka has fallen into the trap of cybercriminals, he said. Ravi Gupta explained that it took a long time for the police to recover the money looted from his account by the criminals. Moreover, he explained that one should not believe anyone who says that money will come for free. That is why personal bank account details should not be shared with anyone, even family members should not be informed, he said. Ravi Gupta explained that if someone else said that he would get free money, he himself liked some videos.

Ravi Gupta once had to go to another place for some work. He is waiting at the airport as his flight is running late. In the meantime, some people have called him saying that they will give money if they like the videos. With tacit consent, they sent some links. As the video sent by them was liked, the concerned persons took the bank details of Ravi Gupta. 150 rupees were first deposited in his account to tempt him. But this is where Ravi Gupta took a smart decision. Usually he has two bank accounts. One is zero balance, the other is main account. For online payments he transfers money from main account to zero account. But cybercriminals let Ravi Gupta's Zero account run low on funds. Moreover, Ravi Gupta also provided zero account details to cyber criminals. He escaped from them. Ravi Gupta did not do it to earn some money. He had to act as a video liker for a while to build a game of cybercriminals.

DGP Ravi Gupta tried to share this matter with the authorities and explain how the cyber criminals are getting excited in the society. And Telangana state is number one in the country in freezing money from cyber criminals and returning it to victims. Moreover, a department has also been set up to alert people from cyber criminals. A toll free number has been allotted to this department. All police stations are connected with this department. The Telangana State Police Department has made arrangements to inform this department immediately of any cyber crime reported in the state. The police department says that till now 90 thousand phone calls have been received on the 1930 toll free number set up by the government. It explains that 128 crores of money looted by cyber criminals from people has been frozen.


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