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Drought In Telangana: కమ్మేస్తోన్న కరువు.. ఎండుతున్న పంటలు
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Drought In Telangana: Drought is coming. Crop fields are falling. Farmers are in a desperate situation with their crops drying up before their eyes due to lack of irrigation water. Like last year, the farmers who thought that they can grow crops in this Yasangi also, it seems that there is a possibility of suffering and losses in this Yasangi. Drought is taking its toll in Karimnagar district. Crops are completely drying up in Kamalapur and Bhimadevarapalli mandals. The paddy crops of the farmers of 12 villages, who were expecting to receive irrigation water through the SSRSP and the lifts, have reached the stage of complete drying up. Paddy is drying up in about 10 thousand acres.

For irrigation

Farmers who recently met the officials requested that SSRCC release irrigation water through DBM 22A and 22B but to no avail. While some are engaged in the work of removing silt from wells, others are taking loans to bore boreholes. Farmers are worried as pests attack the crops at the beginning of Yasangi and now the water supply is drying up for the crops in the stomach stage.

Boru machines to the villages again..

The demand for bores has decreased for almost five years. Due to good rains and Kaleswaram upwelling, the ponds were pre-filled, so there was plenty of irrigation water as well as ground water. Due to this, digging of bores and wells stopped. Boru yantras were only used to bore holes for houses in towns. But this year, the rains have turned heads. No rains after August. Due to this, water is getting in the ponds, ponds and reservoirs. Ground water is asking. Due to this, farmers are again resorting to boring machines to save crops. Well diggers are called.

In the past, the weekly..

In the past, crops were irrigated through canals on a weekly basis. But now the water level in Midmaneru, Lower Maneru and Ellampalli reservoirs along with ESSRSP which is the boon of North Telangana has fallen. On the other hand, Kaleshwaram was empty. There is no condition to lift the water. Due to this, the canals are overflowing without water.

Can't even turn drinking water..

As Kaleswaram lifted its water for three years, the Godavari looked alive throughout the year. Ground water has risen in nearby villages and towns. There were no problems with drinking and irrigation water. At present Godavari is facing the desert. Due to this, crops are drying up due to the underground water. On the other hand, there is no shortage of drinking water. Already in many villages people are coming to the roads for fresh water.

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