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Earth's rotation

Earth's rotation: Earth is very complex. It changes constantly. Astronomers divide the Earth into three parts. The Earth's interior is divided into the crust, mantle, and core. However, many theories have proven that the core rotates independently. Currently, the inner core is spinning at an exceptionally slow rate, and a recent research has revealed that it is rotating in a counterclockwise direction. .

As hot as the sun

The Earth's core is the hottest place on Earth. The temperature here is similar to the surface of the Sun. 5,180 km from the surface of the earth. This deep place is filled with minerals like iron and nickel. The inner core is surrounded by an outer core of liquid minerals. It acts as a barrier with the rest of the earth. This barrier is like a ball of hot metal. The outer layer of the earth where we live is called the earth's crust. This layer extends from 30 to 100 kilometers. The most abundant element in this layer is oxygen.

Recognition in 1936

The interior part of the earth was identified by Inge Lehmann, a geologist from Denmark, in 1936. Since then, there has been a debate on the rotation speed and direction of the Earth's core. This is because scientists have evidence to prove their point. It is impossible to directly observe or collect subsurface samples. Many researches and studies are based on the variations between similar force waves passing through the core.

Decreasing rotation speed..

During the repeated earthquakes and explosions on Earth, it has been found that the rotation speed of the inner core has been decreasing compared to the Earth's surface for a few years through the analysis of seismograph data. To this extent, the researchers stated in the results of the study published in the journal Nature in June. This research not only confirms the speed of the Earth's rotation, but also strengthens the claim made by scientists in 2023 that the decline of the core has slowed down for several decades. A model proposed last year explained the speed and direction of the Earth's core rotation. The model states that the Earth's crust used to rotate faster, but now it is rotating slower. For a while, the core and the Earth's rotation are matched. Later, the core rotation speed decreased further after it started moving in the reverse direction.

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