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Eclipse Effect

Eclipse Effect: This first solar eclipse will occur on 8th April. It ends on Monday, April 8 from 9.12pm to 1.25am. Sutak period will start 12 hours before this solar eclipse. That means temples are closed during this time. And do you know why the temple doors are closed during eclipses? Rahu and Ketu are considered inauspicious signs. Scholars say that a solar eclipse occurs when Rahu swallows the sun, and a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon Ketu swallows.

When eclipses occur, ultraviolet metallic rays fall on the earth. Experts say that this will have a bad effect. And according to Puranas, negative energies have more power to enter the temple at this time. Idols lose their power at this time. That is why the doors of temples are closed during this time. During the eclipses, the Sun and the Moon release unusual negative energies. Those negative energies close the doors of the temples.

It is known that demons and gods distilled the milky ocean for nectar. It is at this time that the asuras get nectar. Sensing this, Srihari takes the incarnation of Mohini and destroys the nectar from the demons and gives it to the gods. It was discovered that Rahu and Ketu sit between the sun and the moon. Surya Chandra explains this to Lord Vishnu. Already Rahu Ketu drinks nectar up to his neck. Immediately after this Vishnu Murthy condemns their heads.

After receiving the nectar, Rahu and Ketu's head is filled with immortality. The body will perish. But the Sun and Moon told Vishnu about them, so the Rahuketus temporarily swallowed the Sun and Moon. With this, the Sun and Moon will turn into Rahuketus. It is said that eating should not be done at this time as eclipses will cause harm. Tulsi leaves should be included in the food during eclipses. That's why the substances become poisonous due to application of Tulsi leaves.

Note: This information is based on internet and is being provided to you based on people's beliefs only. But your only Telugu will not confirm this information.

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