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Is Nitin on the success track again with this movie..? Did Vakkantam Vamsi get success with his second movie..? Let us now try to know the things..

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Extraordinary Man Review: Among the young heroes in the Telugu film industry, Nitin continues to be a star Hero among young heroes by choosing good stories. It has been 20 years since he came to the industry. Now he is taking great care in the selection of stories and making very good stories. The main reason for this is that Nitin got 14 flops in a row at one point of time… After recovering from those flops, Nitin seems to be taking a bit of a step back. But Nitin, who got a super duper hit with Bhishma, followed up with huge disasters with Chek and Macherla Constituency Movies. And now Vakkantham has made a movie called Extraordinary Man under the direction of Vamsi, this movie was released today. But how is this movie? Is Nitin on the success track again with this movie..? Did Vakkantam Vamsi get success with his second movie..? Let us now try to find out about…

First, when it comes to the story, Srileela will be introduced to Nitin, who is advancing as a junior artist. Nitin falls in love with her and continues his love. Rao Ramesh, their father, always scolds Nitin for not concentrating on work. Nitin, on the other hand, takes it all lightly and makes himself a junior artist and continues his love affair with Srileela. And at this time, Nitin will face some problems. Did he know who is the main cause of those problems and clear his problems by clashing with him? Or the story of this movie

And when it comes to the analysis of this movie, the story of this movie is like the story of regular commercial Movies. But with some twists, the director has created a different level for this movie. Especially in the stories presented by Vakkantham Vamsi, the depth is very high. Earlier, he has provided stories for many Movies as a story writer. He also became a director and made a movie named Na Naam Surya Na Illu India with Allu Arjun as the Hero. This movie did not play in the expected range. So now he made this movie with Nitin. With the intention of making a hit anyway, he chose the commercial formula and tried to tell the story in a straight way while touching the comedy angle. However, even though there is no fault in the story, the director made some mistakes in the direction… instead of being straight forward, the screen It would have been better if Play March had been made a movie. Also, it would have been better to increase the sharpness in the direction. With the lesson taught by the first movie, Vakkantham Vamsi made some new mistakes in this movie even though he tried not to repeat the mistakes made in that movie.

For what they are, the way he designs the characters is good. But in the process of executing it, he has failed to some extent in using that character fully fledged… And some scenes in this movie are extraordinary. Nithin also gave a top notch performance in some scenes in his own way… Especially since this movie is a movie that will decide the career of Pakta Vamsi, it would have helped Vamsi a lot in terms of direction if he had taken a little more care…

When it comes to the performance of the artists, Hero Nithin gave a very good performance as always. He has mastered the comedy especially in this movie. It must be said that Nitin, who always does love stories, has cultivated comedy to the next level in this film. He has proved that he has a comedic angle in Bhishma, but no one would have expected that he will take comedy to the next level in this film. That's why watching this movie we understand that it is very difficult to tell how much depth is there in an artist. And Srileela impressed the audience with her glamor touch. Bhagwant Kesari, who came recently, gave a very good performance in the movie. Similarly, in this movie too, she has acted in a settled manner without stepping out of her role anywhere.

Talking about Rajasekhar, he is a different character in this movie and he acted like no one but him can do it. But if you see him in some scenes, you can feel that Rajasekhar is getting minus for that character. After all, Rajasekhar entered the market as a character artist with this character. And we have to see to what extent he will get opportunities. There is nothing special to say about Rao Ramesh's performance. Because he has already done all the characters he has to do in many Movies. So there is nothing new for him to do. Even in this movie, he played the role of the Hero's father and countered the Hero. He played the role…

When it comes to the technical aspect of this film, Harish Jairaj's Songs, who have provided music for this film, are not very impressive. And when it comes to background music, it felt okay. Harish Jairaj is a great music director but again we couldn't see his magic in this movie… He once gave music in Telugu for films like Orange, Munna, Sainikudu which flopped but the music albums became super hits. But that is missing in this movie… and the visuals provided by the cinematographer of this movie, Arthur Wilson, are very good. In some scenes some different shots were used to elevate the visuals. But I don't know whether the director said it or he did it himself, but those shots are very good. And the production values ​​of this movie are also very rich and that gives a grand look to this movie…Also, the editing done by Praveen Pudi, the editor of this movie is good to some extent, but it would have been better if the length had been cut in some scenes. Because at some places the comedy scenes between actor Sampath and Nitin seemed a little too similar. If they had been cut on a sharp edge, the editor's work would have been visible…

What are the plus points of this movie?

Nitin, Srileela
the story

What are the minus points of this movie?

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