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Goddess Lakshmi: Money plays a major role in man's life. Without money in hand, no work can be completed. Man makes many efforts to earn such money. However, no matter how much money some people earn, money does not stay in their house. Many people are troubled by financial problems. If only Goddess Lakshmi is there. Everyone is saying that there is also blessing like a goddess. What should you do to please such Goddess Lakshmi? Let's know now that financial problems will go away and money will stay in the house.

Experts say that money will stay at home if you follow some powerful remedies. If you make remedy with biryani leaf, financial problems will go away and money will stay at home. To make remedy with biryani leaf, the householders wake up early in the morning, bathe their head and place a biryani leaf in front of the picture of Goddess Lakshmi in the pooja room of the house. Those houses should be kept and worshiped. However, the biryani leaf should not be in the kitchen but should have been bought fresh at that time. Experts say that if the biryani leaf is kept in the pocket or purse, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will surely come. Not in hand.

Those who think that they should build a house in the land they have bought should bring a water pot made of clay on Friday and place it in the northeast direction of the house. Experts suggest that by keeping the clay pot in the northeast direction of the house, the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi will bring wealth. Money is collected for construction. Some people enter the house without washing their feet while entering the house. By entering the house like that, negative energy is created in the house. Health problems and financial problems surround the house. Therefore, everyone should be told to wash their feet before entering the house. Also, worship Tulsi plant in the house. Due to this, financial problems will be removed with the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. Experts say that Goddess Lakshmi actually resides in the Tulsi plant.

Put five such tulsi leaves in a red cloth and keep it in the beer. By doing this, all financial problems will be removed and money will stay in the house. If you feel that you are spending money beyond your income, you should tie a black thread on your leg. Experts say that it is better for women to tie a black thread on their left leg and for men on their right leg. Experts say that if you do puja on Monday when you are not able to do puja every day, you will get the blessings of all the gods. Lord Shiva, who is worshiped by all the gods, likes Monday, so the blessings of all the gods who worship on that day. Some people have the habit of eating on the bed at home. By doing this, all the money in the house will melt and they will be affected by financial problems.

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