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Are you Virgin ? Whats the Answer? Punarnavi Bhupalam Comments on that

Punarnavi Bhupalam is an actress popularized by the Bigg Boss reality show. Although he acted in some films before that, he did not get much recognition. But she participated in the third season of Bigg Boss and impressed everyone with her performance. Speaking openly about any matter..she got a reputation as a bold beauty. After the Bigg Boss show, even though there were many film opportunities, she said no and went to London for her studies.

Punarnavi Bhupalam about Virginity Question

Punarnavi Bhupalam about Virginity Question

Currently, she is doing higher studies in psychology in London. This bold beauty is in touch with fans even if not through movies.. through social media. Punarnavi, who recently came on Insta Live, responded on her dating issue.

Are you dating someone? When asked by netizens, the answer was S. Also, are you a virgin? When asked by another netizen.. Punarnavi replied that he was waiting for such a question without making a face. This updated chit-chat is going viral. 

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