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Lavanya Tripathi Marriage News

Lavanya Tripathi Marriage News

Lavanya Tripathi is one of the heroines who are still unmarried at the age of thirty. Lavanya Tripathi entered the Telugu industry with ‘Andala Rakshasi’. After this movie, Lavanya Tripathi made a series of films. But except for Bhale Bhale Magadivoy Soggade Chinninayana Arjun Suravaram, the rest of the movies did not get good success.

lavanya tripathi marriage

lavanya tripathi marriage

Lavanya Tripathi, who has been dealing with flops for some time, recently greeted the audience with the movie ‘Happy Birthday. Directed by Ritesh Rana, the film features Naresh Agastya Vennela Kishore Satya in pivotal roles. However, the film, which was released on July 15, flopped badly at the box office. The movie failed to impress in OTT as well.

Currently, Lavanya Tripathi is waiting for a good hit. On the other hand, it is known that Lavanya Tripathi is in love with Mega Prince Varun Tej and is going to get married.


Lavanya Tripathi Marriage

Lavanya has already indirectly denied the news. However, this news does not stop the tiger. But recently, Lavanya Tripathi fell in love with English media.

On this occasion, she made interesting comments on things like love marriage. Many people say that they fell in love with the other person at first sight. But Lavanya Tripathi said that she will never believe in love at first sight. She also made it clear that she believes in marriage but she is currently single.

Lavanya Tripathi said that she is not married yet due to not finding a suitable life partner. In this sequence, she also responded to the news of her love marriage with Varun Tej. Lavanya Tripathi said that because of doing two films with Varun Tej.. such rumors are emerging. She said that Niharika Ritu Verma, Sandeep Kishan, and Allu Shirish are her best friends in the film industry. After all, with Lavanya’s words, it is clear that she is not in love with Varun.

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