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Pinky asked so .. is she leaving to her wisdom

Pinky asked so .. is she leaving to her wisdom


Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Finalist Maanas Clear On Relationship With Priyanka Singh: Contestant Manas who became known as Mr. Cool in Bigg Boss Season 5 . Manas, who is ranked in the top 5 for balancing emotions and the game, won the hearts of many spectators with his performance and demeanor.

He also starred in many super hit films as a child artist and appeared on television.

Despite being in the industry for many years, Bigg Boss became popular with the show. However, the Pinky Love track is what most people remember. Many times he expresses his will but the mind gently says no. Speaking in a recent interview, Manas made shocking comments about Priyanka.

pinky and manas bigboss 5

pinky and manas big boss 5

‘Prison nomination’ nominated Jesse rather than Ravi despite the possibility of tasks. Priyanka seemed to be acting in that context. Earlier in the Tower‌ task too the sari was intercepted and defeated. I told Kajal that Priyanka seems to be acting on these two occasions. He was my friend so I did express. Not to mention the other guys.

But to some, it may seem like back-biting. Priyanka, who had traveled 90 days in the house, also saw this footage when she went out and asked in the weekend episode if she was acting or enduring. She observed me in the house for 24 hours and just looked at the footage for an hour and asked if it was left to her discretion. ‘

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