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Let us find out through deep analysis whether this movie which came in Trivikram and Mahesh Babu combination was appreciated by the audience or not.

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Guntur Kaaram Review: A movie in Trivikram Mahesh Babu combination means that it is natural that there are huge expectations among the audience. Because in their combination, two Movies like He and Khaleja came out earlier. However, these films did not impress the audience in the theaters, but these films gained a huge fan following. And now Trivikram and Mahesh Babu have made a movie called Guntur Karam together… Fans have been waiting for this movie for a long time. The shooting of this movie started almost two years ago. Still this movie was supposed to release sometime but due to some inevitable reasons it got delayed. And finally it came before the audience today. And how is this movie? Let us find out through deep analysis whether this movie which came in Trivikram and Mahesh Babu combination was appreciated by the audience or not.

The story…

First of all, when it comes to the story of this movie, a woman named Vasundhara (Ramyakrishna) marries a man named Satyam (Abhiram). But due to some quarrels between the two, both of them get separated. They already have a son named Ramana. But Vasundhara left her son with her husband and came to Hyderabad from Guntur and got married there. It also grows well politically. Also gets a post as a minister. Venkataswamy (Prakash Raj), Vasundhara's father, thinks that after she grows up in politics, she may face any trouble from her first husband or her son, Vasundhara's father, Venkataswamy (Prakash Raj), calls Vasundhara's son, Ramana, and asks him to sign a paper saying that he has no relationship with his mother. As a part of that, he calls Ramana to Hyderabad and in such a situation, did Ramana sign that he has nothing to do with his mother..? Or do you have to watch this movie if you want to know things?


And when it comes to the analysis of this movie, we see this story as a movie that we have seen many times. The same shades can be seen in the movie Vaikunthapuram, which was made by Trivikram earlier. Also Trivikram's movie Attarintiki Daredi with Pawan Kalyan is almost like this. However, it must be said that Trivikram is a master mind in dealing with a known story. No one knows better than Trivikram how to tell the story and how the audience likes it. So he tried to manage the old story carefully, but because of the lack of guts in this story, every audience who watches the movie feels dissatisfied… Even the characters designed by Trivikram did not impress the audience. Trivikram is the first to design the characterizations. However, the way Mahesh Babu's character is designed in this movie reminds me of Mahesh Babu in the movie Khaleja. Also, it should be said that not even a single character has been given a proper establishment in this movie. Trivikram has mostly failed in narrating the back story of each character or the depth of those characters in detail.

And if the Hero is living on his own, he will be invited from Guntur to Hyderabad for signing, so it is as if he is involved in the story. With such artificial scenes written, this movie feels very difficult to connect with the audience emotionally. If we talk about the heroine Srileela, she only danced well. Even her character does not have much in the film, she appears when the Songs come and goes away after the Songs are over. Even though the comedy scenes between Vennela Kishore and Mahesh Babu made the audience happy to some extent, Mahesh Babu came in Trivikram combination, he and Khaleja, the comedy scenes were a blast in this movie but there were only average comedy scenes. That too Trivikram has largely failed in generating comedy that is involved in the story except that comedy scenes have been used as a separate track unrelated to the story. In an emotional scene in this movie, when Mahesh Babu Ramyakrishna was talking, the audience thought it was a very silly comedy, except for the emotional scene between a mother and son. Therefore, this movie was not appreciated by the audience. And we do not understand what is the plot of Jagapathi Babu's character and why he was cast in the original film is also not clear. In Trivikram Khaleja's movie, Trivikram, who wrote the touching dialogues like 'Who doesn't recognize a miracle before it happens, doesn't need to recognize it after it happens', it seems that this time Trivikram has worked more with his pen. All the dialogues in this movie seem to be light weight but there is not a single dialogue that touches the heart. Aside from the emotional dialogues, Mahesh Babu's punchy dialogues also lacked much power. Actor Sunil was also chosen for a small role in this film, why he was chosen is not clear.

In this movie, there is no proper justification for most of the characters and the manner in which the characters are set is not correct, the goal of the characters is not shown in the movie, and it is not understood how to connect those characters to the movie, these are Trivikram's minuses. It is no exaggeration to say that he has totally failed in establishing the inter-link between the character and the final destination of the character. I don't understand why Trivikram is trying to make the audience believe that this is the world by creating such artificial characters. But not if the audience is so stupid. It would be better if Trivikram also changes his style because if the same Movies are going with the same routine formula then the movie watching audience will also have to watch his Movies which will cause a lot of trouble…

Performance of Actors

And when it comes to the performance of the artists, Mahesh Babu showed his universal form as always. Speaking with high energy, he tried to bring energy to the dull story by exploding dialogues. Even though Mahesh did a one man show, he could not hype the movie due to the lack of matter in the story. It should also be said that his performance without crossing the limitations of his character is amazing. And Srileela's role is limited to Songs only. There is no scope for her performance in the film. Although Ramyakrishna's character has a scope in terms of performance, the performance given is also somewhat of a plus for the movie. Even though Prakash Raj, Jagapathi Babu, Jayaram, Murali Sharma played their roles, they also tried their best in their roles. Vennela Kishore's comedy exploded here and there. Even though Sunil's character is small, it doesn't register much for us…

Technical aspects…

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