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Blackstone Adia Gic Consortium To Hold Controlling Stake In Haldiram Snacks Food

Haldiram Snacks: Haldiram.. When you say the name of this company, you think of snacks, som papidi and other food items. 1937 This organization was established in Bikaner region of Rajasthan. The company is run by members of the Agarwal family. Since then this organization is growing day by day. Haldi Ram has manufacturing facilities in Delhi and Nagpur. This company is exporting various products not only in our country but also in other countries. Recently, Haldiram Foods International of Nagpur region merged with Haldiram Snacks of Delhi to form Haldiram Snacks Food. The families of Madhusudan Agarwal and Manohar Agarwal from the Delhi community have 55 percent stake in the Haldiram Snacks Food company, while the family of Kamal Kumar Sivakishan Agarwal from the Nagpur community has 45 percent stake. The wholly Indian owned Haldiram company will now change hands. In fact, foreign companies have always been trying to get a stake in this company. At that time, companies like Bain Capital, Warburg Pincus, and General Atlantic were in talks since 2016-17. In 2018-19, a company called Kellogg's also held talks. But none of them came to a conclusion. Recently, a global consortium led by top private equity firm Black Stone, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Singapore GAC submitted a bid to buy 76 percent stake in Haldiram Snack Food. It seems that the process of buying these shares will be completed in a few months. It seems that this matter has already gone under the National Companies Tribunal Act.

Nagpur-based Haldiram Snacks Private Limited recorded a net income of Rs 3,622 crore in the last financial year. Haldiram Snacks in Delhi maintained sales of Rs 5,248 crore in the same financial year. The company sells its products in more than 100 countries. Haldiram recently acquired a chocolate maker called Cocobay. Britannia hopes to compete with companies like Cadbury. Not only Cocobay but also acquired companies like Babaji Nam Keen, Akash Nam Keen, Atap Foods.

Haldiram also runs a restaurant business with a turnover of 1800 crores. Inspite of such competition in the open market, Haldiram continues to be the number one in the snacks business.. It sells 500 types of products.. It manufactures and sells Naam Keen, Bhuja, Sweets, Ready to Eat Meals, Biscuits, Non Carbonated Drinks. 14,500 crore in sales during the year. According to an estimate, the snacks business in India will reach 1.19 lakh crores by 2025. Haldiram owns the majority share. But regarding the purchase of shares in this company, CEO KK Chutani.. “Yes. Discussions are going on. He commented that the final approval will materialize soon. But according to the estimation of the business circles, it is being promoted that this is the biggest huge deal.

It is not under the management of one person.. Being a three person company.. Management is burdensome.. Day to day supervision of workers and other activities is becoming a burden for this business. Even though the profits are coming, the monitoring has increased… That's why it is better to sell than to run such a tough business… And there are whispers in the market circles that the power struggle between the partners in Haldiram has also pushed the sale of the company.

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