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As Teja Sajja is the Hero, this is the second movie directed by Prashant Varma, so let us try to know how much this movie will impress the audience through a brief analysis…

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Hanuman Review: So far there have been many Superman Movies in Hollywood. Superman gives us an unknown feeling. If he does things on the screen that we cannot do, we get immersed in the movie and enjoy it as long as we are watching the movie on the screen…but such Movies attract children as well as adults. And we must say that the question that has been in our minds for many years that why such films are not released in Telugu has been answered with Hanuman movie… Hanuman movie directed by Prashant Varma with Teja Sajja as the Hero has come to the audience today as a gift for this Sankranthi. But what do the audience who have seen this movie say about this movie. As Teja Sajja is the Hero, this is the second movie directed by Prashant Varma, so let us try to know how much this movie will impress the audience through a brief analysis…

the story

First of all, the story is about a man named Hanuman (Teja Sajja) in an area called Anjanadri, but Hanuman is a weakling by nature. Ma Akkaina Anjamma (Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar) stays with Hanuman without even getting married with the sole purpose of leaving her younger brother alone. And people get into a lot of trouble for their selling behavior. They do as they like and show their monstrosity by killing whomever they like. How did Hanuman, who was weak, become strong and stopped the anarchy happening there. Also, Michael (Vinay Roy) dreams of becoming a superman. Why would such a cruel person want to become superman who even kills his parents because they are hindering his dream. Why is there a fight between Michael and Hanuman? If you want to know how Hanuman was victorious over Michael in this fight, you have to watch this movie in the theater.


When it comes to the analysis of this movie, the point made by the director Prashant Varma through this movie is amazing. Also, since Hanuman is a story related to Superman, there is no need to pay much attention to logic in this. Also, the advantage of horror and socio fantasy Movies is that they do not need much logic. Prashanth Varma has done exactly that in this movie in such a sequence that it is enough to do magic. The way he has established the Hero is super. Also, the point of connecting Hanuman to the Hero Hananth in this movie is also very great. It must be said that Teja Sajja has shown his performance at the next level in this movie.

But the director has been dealing with Hanuman in a very balanced way what he did after he got super powers. The episode where Hanuman appears is next level… The director started the film by establishing the characters from the point where the character named Michael fights for his powers. After that the movie will shift to Anjanadri area. And how Hanuman defeated Michael, who is a fool, has been presented in a very neat and pleasant manner. And with this movie, there will be a good demand for Superman Movies in Telugu as well…

I must say that the visual effects of this movie have brought it to life. Visuals have to be amazing especially to tell a story like this. When it comes to VFX, it must be said that this movie has been kept at the top level. And Prashanth Varma has also made this movie in a very grand budget…and even though this movie has so many strengths, there are some weaknesses as well, which is that if the character named Michael gets super power in this movie, it is not clearly shown what he is going to do. Also some scenes lacked proper execution. Some of the characters, however, went beyond their scope and pushed into another character and seemed to play the limits of their character. It would have been better if there was a strong reason for Hanuman's entry in the film. When every single audience wants him to come, when we see that character on the screen, we feel that emotion on the next level..

This movie is made from the point of view that people other than Hanuman can deal with that problem, but no proper justification is given for Hanuman to come. Apart from that, this movie would have been on the next level if it had brought a motive point that no one but Hanuman can do it… On the whole, it must be said that young Hero Teja Sajja and Prashant Varma have done a magic. And this movie, which was released as a Sankranti gift, is going to be a super success.

Performance of Actors

And when it comes to the artist's performance, Teja Sajja is a young boy but he has shown a lot of maturity in his performance. He has shown his identity in every scene he played. Such a small boy had to carry a huge burden. However, he did not falter anywhere and played a completely effortless role in this movie. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, who played his elder sister, is another plus point for this movie. Some emotions were elevated very strongly due to her role. Vinay Roy who played the villain also gave a very good performance. And the heroine Amrita Iyer acted well within her scope. Also people like Vennela Kishore and Getup Seenu seemed okay in their characters…

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