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Nandamuri Balakrishna Birthday Special Story

HBD Balayya: Nandamuri Balakrishna.. Balakrishna, who started his film career as the heir of senior NDR actor, also inherited his father's political legacy. He has been active in TDP for nearly two decades and is serving the public as an MLA. Many people say that even though Balayya is serious in the shape of a boy who is called soft by his fans, his mind is not soft. Just as it is true that if a person is angry, he will scold him, if he raises his blood, he will beat him, it is equally true that if his heart pleases him, he will love as pure. That's why fans like Balayya. That's why Balayya praises you as Bhala.. You are Bola. Today is a special story on the occasion of Nandamuri Balakrishna's birthday.

He is equal to him..

In beauty, in grooming, in acting, in reading, in dancing, Balayya is equal to Balayya in always discovering new things. He has done all kinds of Movies like Action, Mass, Fiction, Faction, Fantasy, History. Balayya Like his father, Balayya touched all the zones and achieved success. He felt like a son like his father.

Rewrite the records..

Balayya broke the records of the Telugu film industry with his films. That's why, Balayya says, if we want to create history, we want to rewrite it. He did many experiments in the film. Aditya 369, Bhairavadvipa are his experiments. He overturned industry records with action Movies. He broke the box office.

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Historical Movies..

When the Telugu industry was booming with mass and action films, Balakrishna acted in artistic films like Sri Ramarajyam and Gautami Putra Satakarni. No one can compare to Balayya with his thighs. Balayya is able to send back the trains and do magic without logic to impress.

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open book

Balayya's life is an open book. Balayya's specialty is speaking what is in the mind. Balayya says they don't need to have grammar. Even knowing that some people are waiting to troll him, Balayya did not give up his nature. Basavatharakam Hospital is another noble aspect of Balayya. It is not counted how many lives have been saved by that hospital. There is no merit in silent service activities. Having won from Hindupuram three times in a row, Balayya also raised the banner of victory in the political field. Whatever Balayya does…wherever he is…he has a brand.

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