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Olive oil decreases breast cancer risk: research

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It has long been known that olive oil was important, but new research has identified its ability to decrease the risk of breast cancer.

Olive oil decreases breast cancer

Olive oil decreases breast cancer

We know very well that olive oil is very good for your health. For those who have sometimes looked for some advice to lose weight or to eat better, they will surely have found extra virgin olive oil at the top of the list. It is usually recommended instead of butter and margarine because it contains good fats.

Olive oil is part of the Mediterranean diet and there are countries around that sea where you just can’t do without it. Today it is also the best alternative to replace sunflower oil. Furthermore, due to its beneficial components for the body, this product has been taken into consideration for a series of studies.

A study identified it as one of the foods used to prevent stroke. Instead, below we will tell you about another recent research that identifies it as capable of decreasing the risk of breast cancer. But let’s see the details.

Olive oil prevents breast cancer: research

Olive oil is an edible oil that is extracted from olives, the fruit of olive trees. The attention of the study we will talk about, however, takes into consideration the extra virgin olive oil, it means that it is obtained from the mechanical pressing of the olives.

Dr. Marina Pollan, director of the National Center for Epidemiology of the Carlos III Health Institute, said the research done by her team highlighted one thing: the moderate use of extra virgin olive oil is associated with a lower incidence of cancer at the otherwise. The experiment involving women with the disease but also healthy women showed a 28% decrease in the risk of breast cancer in those who regularly consumed olive oil.

This means having inserted it as a dressing in the salad, or having also used it cooked, for frying, for example. In both cases the oil gave components that could protect against cancer. Therefore, these data bring even more value to the Mediterranean diet as a source of excellent health.

It is clear that these studies are underway and that we are talking about a moderate consumption of olive oil. You certainly know that overdoing it is never good, indeed, it can have serious consequences for your health.

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