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Heat Waves

Heat Waves: Bhanu is in trouble in Telugu states. Day by day the weather is changing like a ember. People in the houses are also suffering due to heat and cold. Day by day the danger is getting worse, recently the weather department has issued a yellow alert for the Telugu states. Yellow alert has been issued for 16 districts in Telangana alone. In Andhra Pradesh, 36 mandals are expected to experience hailstorm on Monday and 37 mandals on Tuesday, the Disaster Management Agency said. It said that the next three days will be windy. Temperatures are also expected to rise further.

Temperature over 43 degrees..

Meanwhile, the temperature in the Telugu states is over 43 degrees. The Meteorological Department has warned that there is a possibility of further increase from April 2. People are advised to be alert in view of the scorching sun and hailstorm. She said to come out only if necessary. Young children and the elderly should be very careful. Temperatures are likely to reach 45 degrees in the next five days.

Canarani Chalivendras..

Meanwhile, workers and employees are working in the sun. Day by day the laborers are suffocating in the heat. Still no cooling stations have been set up. Even if it is arranged here and there, there is no water in it. The water that was taken along is running out within an hour. On the other hand, drinking water is not available outside six due to lack of water and non-repair of hand pumps. With this money is being bought.

Leaders away from campaign..

On the other hand, it has been ten days since the Lok Sabha election schedule. Major parties have already announced their candidates. But the leaders are not coming out. Staying away from campaigning due to hot sun. They are just putting the vehicles on the streets. The leaders did not hold meetings and meetings directly. They are not coming out to the public and spreading the word. Some leaders are saying that if the temperature is like this now, it will rise even more by the time the election notification comes, and then campaigning will be even more difficult. Due to the sun, the ranks are also tensed whether they will come for the mission or not. If the meetings are not successful, it is expected that wrong signals will be sent.

Three months of sunshine..

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has said that the country will experience extremely hot weather in the months of April, May and June. It has been revealed that this effect will be more in the central and western parts of the peninsula. These three months will see higher than normal maximum temperatures in many parts of the country. North Eastern states, Western Himalayan region and northern part of Odisha will record below normal maximum temperatures. At the same time, there is a possibility of increasing the number of hot windy days in the plains. It has been revealed that the effect of hot winds will be severe in Gujarat, Madhya Maharashtra, North Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, North Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

Be careful..

Bhanu is showing his glory. Experts say to take care of health during this time. The risk of health problems increases when the weather changes. Take care of your body more. Problems like fever, cold, cough, allergy, skin problems, dehydration will come. Adequate precautions should be taken to avoid these.


As temperatures rise, chances of dehydration increase. Due to excessive sweating, the water content of the body decreases. This leads to dehydration. Lethargy, dizziness, lightheadedness, profuse sweating, dry mouth, vomiting and diarrhoea. Wear cotton clothes.


Staying outdoors for long periods of time in summer can lead to sunburn. Health problems may occur. There is a risk of skin cancer. So be careful. Avoid going out in the afternoon. If you have to go out, take precautions. Work should be done in the morning and evening. If you go out in the afternoon, you should take an umbrella and drinking water. Drink more liquids. If symptoms like fever, anxiety, shortness of breath appear, consult a doctor immediately.

Antidote for fever..

– Take healthy fruit juices as an antidote to summer heat. These can be prepared at home in easy ways. Mint, coriander juices, watermelon, ginger juice drink, pomegranate, grape juices, juices, ice creams should also be prepared and consumed at home.

– Dressing in summer should also be special. It is okay to wear cotton clothes. Cotton clothing is a must for children. Do not wear dark colored, thick clothes. Polyester and synthetic should not be used. Light colors and white cotton dresses are perfect for summer.

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