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Hero Uday Shankar Shares about Climax Twist in Kshana kshanam Movie

Kshanakshanam‘ is a movie directed by Karthik Medikonda with ‘Atagadara Shiva’ fame Uday Shankar as the hero and Zia Sharma as the heroine. Produced by Dr. Varlu and Mannam Chandramouli on our Movies banner. Launched as a dark comedy, the film is set to release on February 26 through Geeta Films Distribution. Interview with Hero Uday Shankar on this occasion.

Uday Shankar Kshana Kshanam
Hero Uday Shankar

What kind of experience did this movie give you as a hero?
– I have done two films in the past as a hero in `Atagadara Shiva` and` Miss Match`. The movie Atagadara Shiva was well received in OTT. Bunny Vass recently said that the film got the most views. I did the momentary film as the third film. The movie came out well. Do we feel that the movie is good anyway..I hope the audience thinks the same.

How did this project get started?
– I heard the story of this movie in June. We liked the story and immediately started pre-production work and started shooting in August. The entire film takes place in a Vizag backdrop. Due to Corona, we shot the entire indoor part in Hyderabad and then completed the outdoor part in Vizag. The run time of this movie is only two hours. We edited the story as crisply as we needed. The climax in particular came off very well. The last 20 minutes of the twist no one can imagine. Recently, Bunnyvas watched a movie. He also loved the last twenty minutes. I have seen many movies in my career but Uday said the climax twist I never expected. Audiences have to come to the theater otherwise a good movie will come and go like this. Promotion is doing well. Geeta Films is giving as many theaters as they can.

What are the points that inspired you in this story?
– Some of the events in my life are related in this story. The hero characterization was compared to Nazism. This happens to a lot of people, not just myself. Rejections come in and out of the house. For ten or fifteen years the same thing had happened in my life so I imagined myself and acted. That’s why it didn’t seem that hard at all.

What is Title Justification?
– We thought of a title when the shooting was all over. But that title was not to the liking of our director. Uday immediately said how the title will be. It is a big hit movie by Venkatesh Gary. That’s why the film is well-liked by the audience. No, Uday said, “I’m not going to put that title for the buzz.” I also thought for a moment that the title was perfectly apt for the story. I said that there are fans for that title. The title of the film is No Disappointment.

In which genre is the film?
– I can say that this movie is a dark humor drama thriller. It would be unnatural to add comedy to our story. The comedy arises from the hero character. The hero’s sufferings make the audience laugh. Also my first movie with Koti Gari. Lawyer character did. Vallambhai Roshan Saluri is the music director of the film. The music is well done. The director also took over the film as he composed the music well for the film Nirmala Convent. Roshan re-recording is a rare experience if Kotigar is acting. Coty took the scene paper and got involved in the character.

When Karthik told the story, did he get the same output when he saw the film after it was over?
– Surely the output he said came through. This story should do exactly what we wanted it to do in pre-production. The problem is doing more than you think. Adding a few more scenes loses that flavor. That’s why we did exactly what we thought without doing much. That is why it is only one hour and fifty-two minutes long.

Tell us about the producers?
– Mouligaru is one of the producers. The film should be shot in Fish Harbor at Kovid Time. Without Varlu and Mouli, our film would not have been shot. Masks, sanitizers, PPE kits are given to everyone like this. Brought in even more than those who had. Our team treated everyone as if they were their own family members. Happy to be filming in their production.

Are you a genius in calculations! Do movie calculations make any sense to you?
– Although I am a genius in calculations, I do not know film calculations at all.

Work Experience with Zia Sharma?
– Zia Sharma My wife did the character, we always have conflicts. Once out of one problem the hero falls into another problem. The scenes that come in the climax are quite impressive. Whatever we do the movie crowd should watch. The faceoff movie is good. The original movie stars from the interval. From there to the end the movie seats the audience on the seat edge. Koti, Raghu Kunche, and Gifton are the three music directors who are co-starring in our film.

What will the audience say if the movie is released tomorrow?
– Audiences will not watch if routine movies make new heroes. Newly tried heroes have to choose different stories, like Vijay Sethupathi and Ayushman Khurana who have made the same effort in Bollywood. When this hero movie comes out there will be something new story. Suffice it to say that there will be good performances. Uday wants to make a name for himself by bringing a new story to the movie. The other six characters around the hero are very crucial in this movie. Super if anyone can be found to be a thief in it.

* My desire is to be a hero and the characters are ready to do if there are well important in the story. Hero Uday Shankar concludes the interview by saying that he wants to act in a feel-good proper love story like Gitanjali, Ok Bangaram.

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