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He came in front of the audience with the movie Dussehra and impressed everyone. And now with the movie Hi Nanna, he has brought another diverse plot to the audience. But this movie has been released by them, let's try to know the features of this movie..

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Hi Nanna: We don't have much to say about Nani in the film industry. Because his acting is very natural in the Movies he has taken. That is why he has also earned the title of natural star. Such an actor is engaging the audience by choosing different storylines from movie to movie and showing variation between characters. And this year he has already come in front of the audience with the movie Dussehra and impressed everyone. And now with the movie Hi Nanna, he has brought another diverse plot to the audience. But this movie has been released, let's try to know the features of this movie… especially how this movie is doing, let's try to know whether Nani has another hit or not…

First, when it comes to this story, Nani is married and has a baby. Also, Nani, who is a photographer by nature, accidentally meets Mrinal Thakur and love blossoms between them. But the baby doesn't like to be away from their mother and the baby cries whenever she thinks about her mother. But Nani is intent on removing their mother's marks and keeping them with her. The director has made this film with a story that arouses curiosity that will the baby meet their mother, what are the reasons for Nani's separation from his wife, what are the reasons for their mother's separation from that baby and whether the budding love between Mrinal Thakur and Nani will meet at the end or not? But to find the answer to all these, you have to watch this movie.

When it comes to story analysis, the story chosen by the director in this movie is good. He took up the story with the scope of making it as a decent classical movie. We have seen the story of this movie many times before in Telugu Movies…There are many Movies that have been successful because of the intimacy between the character and the character. But here now he has cultivated small emotions well and carried the film in a single plot. Although his making is somewhat a plus for the film, the story is a big minus as it stays in one plot. Because even though the director seems to have presented the story on the screen as he thought, it would have been better if he had developed the story and mastered the making. There are some loop holes in the story too. If the treatment of all the scenes were written correctly, the movie would have been on the next level. For example, in one scene, Nani is saying some words to the baby to make them forget their mother. But the director did not focus too much on that but focused more on the point whether there is a connection between scene to scene or not. He only looked after that, but he did not really pay attention to whether there is depth in the scene or whether its treatment is correct or whether the execution is running correctly. You can watch this movie once in the theater… But some of my Movies are watched 2, 3 times. In them, it started like that. Movies like Eega are repeated by the audience. But this movie is in the range that you can watch it once and there is nothing in it if you want to watch it repeatedly…Ninnu Kori, which I did earlier, is a feel good movie.

Nani is always ahead to make such attempts. And Nani thought that this is also one such attempt. But due to some mistakes made by the director, this movie stopped in the medium range instead of in the high range…He struggled a bit in creating depth in every scene and ran it randomly but the soul in it was missing. Couldn't do it… Director Souryuv being a newbie, his inexperience is very evident in his direction…

And when it comes to the performance of the artists, as always, Nani gave an excellent performance. Nani showed more sophistication in this movie and now he has walked like he used to act naturally. And when it comes to Mrinal Thakur, she has done justice to her role. And as previously in the movie Seetharam, he made the audience feel connected to his emotions with his performance, so in this movie, he pleased the audience by showing a good performance. And Keira Khanna, who played Nani's daughter, also impressed by acting in her own way…

When it comes to technical matters, music director Hashim Abdul Waheb has given good music. Some scenes are emotionally connected because of his music and especially because of the background score given by him. This background music helped a lot in highlighting the intimacy between Nani and the baby. Cinematographer Sanujan Varghese's visuals are also amazing. Especially in this movie, Nani was shown very beautiful, unlike any previous movie, Nani entertained the audience by looking very beautiful in this movie. Also, he used different shots in every scene and did very well without spoiling the scene. Editor Praveen Antony also cut the scene by keeping it as correct as possible so that the scene does not get too high. Because of that the editing work is also very good plus…

The plus points of this movie are

Nani, Kaira, Mrinal acting
Background music

The minus points in this movie are

Story (we have seen similar stories many times before)
Direction (feels very outdated)

Our rating for this movie is 2.75/5

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