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Hippopotamus Sweat Really Pink What Does Science Say

Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. These huge herbivores with big teeth and aggressive nature have the unique habit of sleeping underwater. Moreover, the hippopotamus is the third largest mammal on earth after the elephant and rhinoceros. Although it is an animal that spends most of its time in water, it cannot swim underwater.

Hippopotamus means 'water horse' in Greek. It is said that their sweat and milk are also pink in color. There have been many doubts about this for the past few years. A post about it on the National Geographic Facebook page once again sparked a debate on the matter.

Is hippopotamus milk pink? Research has been done to find out. In this sequence it was revealed that the milk of hippos is white or cream in color like other mammals. It seems that the color of hippopotamus milk is not pink. But why many people say that hippopotamus milk is pink in color remains questionable.

A professor of biology at San Diego State University and co-author of the IUCN SSC Hippo Specialist Group said that hippopotamus sweat is usually pink. In fact, it is not sweat, it is claimed that it is a skin secretion released together with antibiotic, sun screen and anti-microbial compounds. An oily secretion from the mucous glands of hippos. It is said that this secretion plays a vital role in maintaining their health. Also this material keeps the hippopotamus skin moist and protects it from harmful bacteria.

Although the secretion released from the hippopotamus body is colorless like sweat, it turns red, orange or pink under the influence of the sun. After few hours it will change to brown color. It is said that this secretion is likely to appear pink with the milk when the hippo is nursing its young. Moreover, it is said that actually hippos milk is not pink in color. If it is pink in color, it is said that hippos may be suffering from a blood related problem.

But the International Union for Conservation of Nature says that hippos are in danger of extinction. In this sequence of hippo species, the pygmy hippo is said to be an endangered species native to West Africa.

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