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Holy Health: Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in the country. This festival is in some places related to the worship of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan with gola padchus. On the full moon day of Palguni, Balakrishna is placed in a cradle, sprinkled with bukkagulal, red powder, flowers and worshipped. It is known as Dola Jatara. Dola means cradle. Hali celebrations are celebrated not only in the country but also abroad. On this occasion, they sprinkle colors on each other and greet each other. It is believed that participating in this festival, which is celebrated by everyone, whether young or old, can improve health.

Usually some stay away from Holi celebrations. It is believed that by getting the colors on their body, they will get some illness. However, splashing of chemical-based paints can definitely affect health. But it seems that health is achieved with traditional colors. In earlier times some special colors were made during Holi festival. By pouring these colors on the body, they avoid any diseases. If we go into the details..

The festival of Holi falls at the beginning of spring season. Trees sprout at this time. Moduga flowers are especially pleasing to the eye. But spring is the transition from winter to summer. During this time, diseases like viral fever and cold are transmitted. But before these come, some healthy colors were used in Holi festival carefully. They used to make sure that most of these colors contain marigolds.

In the olden days, they used to bring home some Moringa flowers and put them in roti and chew them. After that, water was added to the paste and sprinkled. Along with these they sprinkle turmeric water. In some areas this is also known as Vasantotsavam. By sprinkling water mixed with flowers like this, the body gets immunity. Also, by sprinkling turmeric water, anti-septic law provides protection. Because of this, they were healthy without getting any diseases. Therefore, some elders say that playing Holi with colors made from Moringa flowers instead of colors with chemicals is healthy. But with the passage of time the Moduga flower trees are disappearing. As a result, these trees are not visible.

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