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Indian Tourists Going To Maldives Have Decreased By 40 Percent

India vs Maldives : Pakistan has taken the country by storm. Destroyed Sri Lanka. Nepal was trampled. Kayya is getting closer to Taiwan. Tibet has been integrated into itself. It is Dhritarashtra's hug.. Unfortunately the mad President of Maldives Muijju got closer to China with his anger on India. He made some agreements. When the chatter is sent from China, he folds his wings and leans. So far it will be good but.. in earlier days the original movie will be seen before the eyes.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Lakshadweep region, posted photos on Twitter and asked Indians to make Lakshadweep their next adventure trip. Modi's post made the Maldivian government burn somewhere. The ministers of that country are making crazy comments.. Our country is taking it seriously.. Indians are deciding to boycott Maldives.. Chaka Chaka happened. As a result, the number of tourists going to Maldives from our country has decreased completely. At the same time, the President of Maldives, Muizhu, became closer to China. He entered into various agreements. Moreover, he ordered the Indian soldiers to leave his country. This development has disturbed the opposition party there. There was an uproar in the Parliament. However, Muizzu did not back down. Maldivian revenue has fallen as Indian visits have declined. Maldives has asked the IMF for an emergency bail out. There, the opposition leaders asked Indians to help on social media. While all this is happening, the Government of Maldives has released a recent report.

56,208 Indian tourists visited Maldives from January to March last year. However, the number of tourists dropped to 34,847 from January to March this year. Roughly speaking, the number of tourists going to Maldives from India has reduced to 40 percent. At the same time, the number of tourists going to Maldives from China has increased to 200 percent. From January to March last year, 17,691 tourists from China visited the Maldives region. From January to March this year, the number increased to 67,399. That is about 281 percent growth. According to the latest statistics, India ranks sixth among the top ten markets for Maldives tourism, while China continues to hold the first position with a share of 11%. Indians were the second largest number of visitors to the Maldives from January to November last year. The Russians were first. Before 2020, Chinese nationals were the number one visitor to the Maldives region. At that time, China had a share of 18.31 percent. The tourism department of Maldives announced at that time that it was the highest in that year. India continued to dominate Maldives tourism till November last year. After that it started to decline. 3 in January of the year, fell to fifth place later that month, and sixth place in March. Earlier, China was in the tenth place, but now it has risen to the first place.

After the exchange with China, the statistics released by the Tourism Department of Maldives is leading to a debate. The opposition leaders of Maldives are wrong about the figures given by the tourism department. It is said that it is like a way of singing vanta to China. Muizzu on the other hand is getting closer to China. Military vehicles and other submarines of that country are being invited to Maldives. But, this is where he makes a big mistake. Because China maintains friendship with other countries according to its needs. After that it will reveal its original color. Analysts comment that it may not take long for Muizzu to understand this.

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