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Jaishankar: Even after all these years of our country's independence, Pakistan continues to commit acts of provocation on the borders of Kashmir. Bloodthirsty people are still fleeing.. Until the arrival of the BJP government, if they were not even hoisting the Indian flag in the Lal Chowk area of ​​Kashmir, then you can understand the situation there. After Narendra Modi came to power, it is not necessary to say that the Kashmir problem has been completely solved, but better policies have been adopted compared to the previous government. By abrogating Article 370, undertaking development programs in the Kashmir region, building advanced tunnels, etc., the BJP government has written a new history of development in Kashmir. And in the background of the release of the notification for the Parliament elections.. External Affairs Minister Jai Shankar moved the honey pot. “Pakistan and China continue to trouble us. The reason for all this was India's first Prime Minister Nehru. Jai Shankar made key comments that some of his mistakes are troubling our country in the form of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and China. He made these key comments at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting. ” At that time, discussions were going on for India's permanent membership in the United Nations. At that time Nehru preferred China not India. Nadu Nehru said that India should be given permanent membership first after China. They tried to dig the history of Jai Shankar saying that the BJP government will give first priority to the country.

“In the first month of India's independence, the then Home Minister warned India of the danger from China. He said that in the future, India will face serious problems from Kashmir due to China and Pakistan. Nehru did not pay attention to the warnings that there is always danger with China's behavior. It was argued that it would be extremely difficult to attack India from beyond the Himalayas. Also, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel does not want to take the issue of Kashmir forward. In this background, some are discussing about borders. Rumors are being made about them. But here is one thing that they are ignoring.. The boundaries of India were once decided. There is no need to discuss this further. Bharatiya Janata Party knows what to do about the country. Bharatiya Janata Party only thinks about the country. When the government was formed under Narendra Modi in 2014, it has been solving all the legacy problems. On the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, America has agreed to provide jet engine technology to India after 40 years. Three companies have come forward to set up plants in India to manufacture semi-conductor chips. This is the credit of our government. Jai Shankar burst out saying that we are bold because we have worked.

Jai Shankar's key comments before the election gained political prominence. In fact, India continues to have trouble with China and Pakistan in terms of borders. It spends billions every year to monitor security in the region. Buying advanced weapons in terms of defense. According to this, our country has spent lakhs of crores since independence till today. In this background, the Congress party got into a dilemma by strategically bringing this issue to the fore before the parliamentary elections. In fact, if India had taken the initiative in the matter of permanent membership in the United Nations, the situation would have been different. Analysts say that India is still suffering because of Nehru's pandering to China. Moreover, he supports the comments made by Jai Shankar.

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