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Today, the Japanese movie with Karthi as the Hero came before the audience. Now let us try to know how much this movie screamed to the average audience.

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Japan Review: Cinema is like an addiction, every audience enjoys watching the movie. A movie lover waits for the movie when it comes on Friday, just like drug addicts get a kick when they take drugs, a movie goer does not get a kick if he watches one or two Movies every week. And as a part of that, today the Japanese movie with Karthi as the Hero came before the audience. Now let us try to know how much this movie screamed to the average audience…

First of all, if we go into the story of Japanese cinema, Japan (Karthi) spends his life doing small thefts for a small fortune since his childhood. And as a part of that, he finds a big deal, which means a deal is made to steal money from the minister's house. After accepting the deal, he steals from the house of the Japanese minister. At the same time, a murder takes place in that house. Will start. But you have to watch this movie if you want to know who did the murder and whether Japan was involved in the murder.

First of all, talking about Karthi, he has made a unique identity in the industry by choosing diverse storylines in the Telugu and Tamil industry, connecting a new point with each film in a way that even star heroes can do experiments, and he is moving forward by making Movies and in this order, he has also done underrated Movies like Khaidi and Sardar. From his first movie till now, Karthi has made it a habit to choose a different plot in every movie and make Movies with different plot. He made a Japanese movie as a part of it. Let's find out how the movie is in a brief analysis…

First, by taking a robbery story and adding emotion, instead of a routine plot, they made a Japanese movie with a new attempt to express suspense, comedy and emotion. It must be said that Rajamurugan, who got the fame of Joker movie, made this movie amazingly. There are Especially if you look at some scenes of Karthi, they are elevated in such a range that no one else can do that character except him.

It must be said that the idea of ​​director Raj Murugan to use Karthi's body language perfectly and make a film with a different attempt is really great… But in terms of screenplay in this film, Raju Murugan has written an excellent engaging screenplay. It is not an ordinary thing to write a screenplay that keeps every audience on the edge of their seat and maintains suspense from the start to the end. While the movie is going on as a comedy, the suspense is not revealed anywhere, and he has given the movie an excellent look while engaging the movie. Also, the music given by Jeevi Prakash seemed to be the same. Although the Songs did not impress much, the BGM played a very important role in elevating some of the scenes.

Especially in the few episodes that come between the bullies and Karthi, he gave a busy next level. That's why many directors prefer Jivi Prakash for their Movies…His specialty is that he owns a scene and he goes as far as he can to give music in depth. ,Also the editing done by the editor Filamin Raju is also impressive…the production values ​​are also very rich…

When it comes to the performance of the artists, Karthi has been showing variations from movie to movie in his own way. Kummesadu showed the difference especially in the variations of that character, dialogue modulations… And Anu Emmanuel has done justice to her role. Also, even though Sunil played another important role, he also gave a good performance by showing a new variety in his acting. Just like Mangalam Sinuga in the movie Pushpa impressed him, he made a different attempt in this movie too, which will also impress the audience… Vijay Milton also seemed okay in his role…

And the plus points in this movie are
The variations in Karthi's acting are very good, especially the comedy way dialogues give full fan to the audience…as well as the screenplay, direction, set as a busy highlight in some scenes. Especially these are the plus elements of this movie

The minus points of this movie are that the story is somewhat routine and the Songs are somewhat less compared to Karthi's previous Movies. Jeevi Prakash also did not seem to have given the music with his full depth as compared to the previous films…some scenes were lagged here and there…except for these, there are no major minus points in the film.

All in all, this weekend the whole family can enjoy watching this movie

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