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Jayasudha: Jayasudha, I am not the reason for my husband's suicide.. This is the real truth

Jayasudha: There is no need to tell the audience about Jayasudha, who is known as a natural Actress. Starting from senior NTR to today's heroes, he has acted with many people. He is still entertaining the audience with roles below his age. Especially in the 80s and 90s, Jayasudha emerged as an unstoppable protagonist. Currently, she is acting in the role of a mother. After last year's release of Varasudu, Jayasudha did not appear in films much. Rumors were also heard that Jayasudha got married for the third time.

Meanwhile, Jayasudha was seen with an American businessman. Since then she got married again.. that's why there were rumors that she was close to him. Rumors are rife in today's smart age. They seem to have gone to Jaya Sudha. That's why she responded. An interview was given to a YouTube channel. She clarified the rumors about her husband's suicide and marriage. “My second husband Nitin Kapoor Appulapalli committed suicide is a complete lie. My husband does not have enough debts to commit suicide. He lost as a producer. Because of that we are in financial trouble. But not enough to make debts. I used to earn well because I was busy with Movies. We never could then. My mother committed suicide because of the curse of our family.. My brother also committed suicide and died. Not only these two but also two other relatives of my sister-in-law were also committed to death by force. Some people say that it is due to the curse of ancestors. I pray to that God every day that that curse will not be a hindrance to my children. Death and life are linked based on the words that come out of a man's mouth. I definitely believe in such words. If a man is cursed to perish, it will surely happen. We can get out of anything but we can't get rid of the curse. Jayasudha commented that even God cannot save us from such things.

Jayasudha stated that after her husband's death, it took her a long time to become a normal person. He revealed that he was in shock for three months. She explained that the family stood by her during such a difficult time. Her sisters in Mumbai used to call and talk everyday. They say to be brave. At the time of her husband's death, Dil Raju offered Jayasudha a role in Shatamanam Bhavathy. Even though he said he would not do it, he was forced to act in that role. As Dil Raju's wife died during the shooting, he also shared his grief with Jayasudha. Thus, Jayasudha recovered somewhat from the pain of her husband's death. Jayasudha dismissed that there is no point in marrying an American man for the third time. Jayasudha stated that whatever is posted on social media, they write it. Jayasudha stated that her husband's death is still a shock to her. She revealed that she was under pressure during the Covid. Meanwhile, Jayasudha's interview given to YouTube channel has become a topic of discussion on social media.

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