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Did it give good success to Viraj Ashwin as a solo Hero..? Is Viraj Ashwin settled in the industry as a solo Hero with this movie..? While giving clarity on the issues, let's try to find out what this movie actually looks like…

Joruga Husharuga Review Joruga Husharuga Full Movie Review… Telugumovie Review…” title=”Joruga Husharuga Review: Joruga Husharuga Full movie Review…” class=”lozad”>

Joruga Husharuga Review: Every week some Movies are released in the film industry, some of them are suspense thrillers and others are love stories and they are trying to test our luck. In the same way, the movie Joruga Husharuga which came before the audience today… in this movie, Viraj Ashwin acted as the Hero. Viraj Ashwin, who had previously earned a special identity for himself with the movie Baby, acted as a solo Hero in this movie and tried to establish a special image for himself. Also, did this movie give good success to Viraj Ashwin as a solo Hero..? Is Viraj Ashwin settled in the industry as a solo Hero with this movie..? While giving clarity on the issues, let's try to find out what this movie actually looks like…

First, when it comes to the story of this movie, both Santosh (Viraj Ashwin) and Anand (Madhunandan) are working in the same office. In the same office, Santosh's lover Nitya (Poojita Ponnada) also joins his office as a team lead without telling him. In this process, they both pretend that no one knows them, with the intention of losing their jobs if no one in the office knows that they are in love. And in the same order, Anand is sad that even though he has reached this age, he is still not married. But Suchitra (Siri Hanumant) working in the same office loves Anand.

But Santosh, knowing about their love, tries to bring them together. But in this sequence, a big shocking news is revealed that Anand is in love with another girl. Also, Santhosh's father used to borrow up to 20 lakhs in the village and now he is saying that it is his son's responsibility to pay it. And if you want to know whether Santhosh married his lover and kept the trust of their father and settled the debt of 20 lakhs or not, you have to watch this movie

When it comes to the analysis of this movie, the director tried to make this movie as a complete love story. Although his efforts are good, due to the lack of guts in the story of the film, the plot of the film moves in a single flow, but there are no scenes that give us a high, nor any elements that give a high in the film. And he is spinning the movie around the office and it all seems a bit boring. In fact, when the director chose a story like this, if he had written a gripping screenplay with some twists, it would have helped the film a lot. Every scene would have been elevated. Also, scene after scene seems to end in the middle without any conclusion at the end. All these are the mistakes made by the first movie directors and they should be estimated and written well in advance. Every scene should be written well and the things that one scene should lead to another scene should be clearly written in the writing stage itself. If there are no such mistakes, the movie will be correct. And the writing is a part of it, which is very weak. Although the writing standard is shown to some extent by writing small jokes here and there, the film as a whole is not great in terms of writing. And in terms of direction, the movie seems okay, but it doesn't feel extraordinary…

He tried to tell the point chosen for this movie in a straight way, but if he had added small twists and written the screenplay, it would have thrilled the audience to some extent. Even if it did, the movie would have been good. Because the film has only one plot, the viewer gets bored. In such a time, some sub-plots should be used or some twists should be added in the screenplay and a new type of screenplay should be written.

When it comes to the performance of the Actors, Viraj Ashwin got into his character and gave a very good performance. It must be said that after Baby, he has a well-known character. By showing variations in acting, Baby has improved a lot in terms of acting in this movie…Also Poojita Ponnada, who played the heroine, also showed her own style of acting and acted in her own character…Also Madhu Nandan, Siri Hanumantu, Saikumar, Rohini did not cross the scope of their roles. They followed well and played their roles without any mistakes anywhere. Especially, the characters of Saikumar and Rohini emotionally connected the audience to some extent. The performance given by Saikumar and Rohini in some scenes is next level.

When it comes to technical matters, music could not help this movie at all. Even though the background music was not in the expected range, some scenes were tried to be shot well, but the BGM did not show much effect, so all the scenes became dull without elevating… Cinematographer Mahi Reddy Sangugula made an effort to show his visuals well. And although the editor Marthand K Venkatesh is a very senior editor, some scenes felt lagged and boring, it would have been better if they had been cut to some extent…

The plus points of this movie are

Acting by Viraj Ashwin

Some emotional scenes
Cinematography is good in some scenes…

The minus points in this movie are…

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