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Shocking Facts About North Korean President Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un: North Korea is often in the news with sensationalism. Along with that country, sensational things about the President Kim Jong Un keep coming in the international media. Recently, something unexpected has come to light regarding Kim's personal life. A group of 25 young women work every year to 'make him happy'. Their selection is done very carefully. It is informed that they will be selected on the basis of loyalty.. Medical tests will also be conducted. An international media outlet has revealed the statements of a young woman who had defected from North Korea, who was previously selected for the task, which is said to be Kim's 'happy' team.

Medical tests are mandatory.

Kim's close friends travel around the country looking for beautiful teenage girls for team members who will make Kim happy. After selecting a few, they are asked about their family and political background. People who have fled North Korea or have relatives in South Korea or other countries are excluded. After selecting 25 Mandipis.. they are subjected to virginity tests. Even a small blemish is declared disqualifying. Later they will be sent to Pyongyang. Their job is to make the dictator comfortable in every way.

Divide into three groups.

The selected group of 25 young women will be divided into three groups. A team is trained to give Kim a massage, and another to sing and dance. The third group is used for sexual activities. Their duty is to stay close to the dictator. Learn how to please men. Kim invites only the most beautiful girls. The girls will be kept in the group until they reach the age of 20, after which they will be married off to Kim's bodyguards, she said.

Acceptance of family members..

Meanwhile, the family members also agree to the young women working in Kim's team. Kim wants to be selected for the team with the intention that her children will not starve. However, this culture did not start only during the Kim era. There have been reports in the international media that this group has been working there since 1970.

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