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Did Srikanth get another hit in his career? Did Shivani Rajasekhar get her first success? Or..? Let us know these things once in a brief analysis

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Kotabommali PS Review: Currently there is a trend of different Movies in Telugu. Also, the Movies that came out as suspense thrillers are also getting very good success. An example of that is the movie Virupaksha. In fact, Virupaksha started a suspenseful trend. And this trend will continue like this in Telugu as the recent movie Tutday also came out as a suspense thriller and received good success. And now a movie should come and engage the audience, but if it is a suspense thriller genre, every maker is trying to bring such subjects to the audience… Kotabommali PS movie which was released today is a movie made in the suspense genre… How is this movie Srikanth in his career? Did he get another hit? Did Shivani Rajasekhar get her first success? Or..? Let us know the things in a brief analysis…

First of all, when it comes to this story, the police officers in Kotabommali police station are oppressed by the perverted actions of the politicians and become victims of a mistake they did not commit. Srikanth, Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajasekhar get into a situation where they have to run away from the police. The story of this movie is what they did to run away from the police. In this highly exciting movie, you have to watch this movie if you want to know the problems that the police faced due to the actual politicization.

When it comes to the analysis of this movie, it must be said that although Teja kept this movie exciting throughout, this movie went out of the movie in some scenes. Even if the cops are being chased by the policemen and they are running away, it seems completely foolish, but he has designed an excellent script by taking the main problem faced by the policemen as the center of attraction. Actually, this movie is a remake of the Malayalam movie Nayatu, but a lot of changes have been made to it… and the director has shown the problems in the policeman's family in great detail, which is a plus for the movie. Also, in some scenes, the audience gets engaged and told very well in such a way that everyone realizes the problem of a police sodi. But it must be said that he has shown blindfolded life in the hands of a politician. Due to the constant chasing, the audience of the movie will feel a little bored. However, due to the valuable things said about the police by the director, the audience will get engaged and show interest to watch. I must say that the scenes about the police are very elevated. But it would have been better if the screenplay had been written in a more gripping way, the impact of the movie would have been on another level. This can be said as an example that no matter what the story is, the success of a movie is decided on the screenplay alone.. The story is good, but if the screenplay is good to some extent, if it was written a little better, this movie would have become the biggest hit of the year… especially Lingidi Lingidi song. Everyone danced in the theater…

When it comes to artist performance, Srikanth not only acted very well in his role but also showed his depth in acting after many days in the role of a police officer. And the rest of the artists Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajasekhar and Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar also gave a very good performance. And Murali Sharma's acting is also a plus for this movie… and the rest of the artistes seem to be okay…

As far as the technical aspect is concerned, the music given by Ranjan Raj as the music director is very good and the background score is also very good for the movie. Also, the visuals provided by the cinematographer, Jagdish Ghamman, are also a plus for the film. He took the film to a different level with his cinematography as the whole film is about travelling… Kartika Srinivas could have done a bit more sharp editing. Some scenes felt boring here and there. If it was cut in a little sharp edge, the interest in the film would have increased… And this film was produced by Bunny Vasu on GA 2, but the production values ​​of the film are amazing…

And the plus points in this movie are

Artist Law Performance
Lingidi Lingidi song
the story

What are the minus points in this movie?

It seems a little illogical to chase the police away.
Direction could have been a bit better…

We give this movie Rating 2.75/5

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