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KTR: KTR.. do you understand?

KTR: Leaders in politics should have thought.. not rage.. self-confidence.. not arrogance. The results of the recent Telangana assembly elections tell what happens if there is pride. Ignoring the people who won in democracy.. the attitude of saying that it is enough for me and my family to do well. This matter was understood by the leaders from the lower level. But, BRS working president Kalvakuntla Tarakarama Rao (KTR) does not understand. Even if the leaders from the lower level show anger, there is a thought in it. Even if you speak arrogantly, you can see the confidence in it. People understand this. But the leaders born in the middle do not know the values ​​of democracy. People are always mean. Because those leaders did not come from the people. People will not suffer any loss with such leaders. But, the party that believed in them will sink. Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is now facing this problem. The announcements made by KTR that he wants to shape the future of the party are making the party more popular among the people. The words like Panchelu Oodela Kondatam..Kodatam with sandal..overthrow the Sarkar..making KCR the chief minister again are increasing hatred against that party.

Unable to accept defeat..

Leaders who have taken responsibility for the party should accept victory and defeat. When he wins, he argues that he won because of me, but if he loses, he who blames others will never be a leader. KTR's words, which cannot respect the people's decision, are now creating a situation that will endanger the existence of the party. The people of Telangana who defeated BRS do not seem to sympathize with that party's defeat anywhere. 90 percent are those who say it is good. But KTR gave us good seats. We didn't lose badly. Talking that we have not lost, we have lost because of Congress's false propaganda is also damaging the sympathy of that party. They also threatened to topple the Repo Mapo government. KTR getting the idea that he can topple the government elected by the people.

Beers said that KCR was not defeated.

KTR, unable to accept defeat, is talking arrogantly about the ruling party. People are saying that they did not defeat KCR, they defeated the disgruntled MLAs. KCR's tribe is upset that Telangana society is suffering because KCR is not the chief minister. But the reality is the opposite. There are many people who say that it is good that KCR lost. Many people are of the opinion that he would sell Telangana if he became the Chief Minister again. The proof of this is that the voters of Kamareddy are angry. If the voters defeated the Chief Minister after winning an anonymous candidate, then it can be understood how much opposition there is against him. This is democracy at its best. Whether it is the Chief Minister or an anonymous person is the same before the voters. Once decided.. those who don't want will be defeated.. those who want will be won. KTR ignores this small logic too. Because he is not a leader from the people. Not a leader who respects democracy.

Deceiving himself..

In order to instill courage in the KTR party leaders, the reasons for BRS's defeat are being blamed on other parties. So people are trying to say that they have made a mistake. But, these words are sure to backfire on him and that party.

Will you overthrow the government?

KTR is announcing that let's make KCR the CM soon. That means, will you overthrow the Congress government? If four MLAs are bought, the government will not collapse. There may be money earned illegally. But, Congress MLAs are not ready to sell out now. With the words of KTR, the true nature of the party is emerging. The royal trend is evident in KTR's words. The tension of not being able to live without power is coming out. To topple the government..systems should cooperate with KTR. But the systems that have been enslaved for ten years are now breathing free air. If it is turned over, the cobwebs will break. KTR does not understand this. And they are talking about me as a prince. We do not recognize that we are in a democracy. Because.. KTR is not a leader from the people.

After the Lok Sabha elections..

KTR is thinking that he should win the next Lok Sabha elections even in the current seats. Otherwise they realized that the existence of that party would be questionable. But for this, they are talking at will in anger and pride. Currently people are observing the behavior of KTR. They are going more and more into the people. They create the feeling that even if they are defeated, they are not proud. If this trend continues, they will not get more than one or two seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Then the real game begins. National parties like Congress and BJP will make BRS disappear. Make it non-existent. This is one hundred percent true. That is what BJP wants. If BRS disappears, BJP will play the role of opposition. With this, there will be competition between the two national parties in the upcoming elections. Realizing this, BJP wants the downfall of BRS. KCR does not seem to understand this. KTR can understand this if he thinks about it without going into a rage.

Tiger will come..

KTR's words of KCR as a tiger are increasing public opposition to BRS. If KCR is a tiger then why is he not coming to the assembly. Why don't you stand up in front of CM Revanth? At least KCR who cannot take oath as an MLA may not come to the assembly. Because.. Revanth Redde is the one who is most jealous of KCR. Standing in front of him and trying to kill him is like going to a chicken shop to kill a fat chicken. Because.. Revanth is burning with revenge. Antala KCR Rainth was tortured in the past. Now the power has changed. Revanth seems calm now, but after the Lok Sabha elections, pancha is sure to unfold. Revanth's recent comments that if the tiger comes out, he will cage it is proof of his revenge.

If constructive opposition..

KTR still needs to understand the social conditions of Telangana. The judgment given by the people should be respected. Accept defeat. People should carry out whatever responsibility is given to them constructively. Work should be done to increase the trust of the people in the party again. Apart from that, by overthrowing the government elected by the people.. it is clear that they are going to take power.. acting as if there is no one to enjoy power in Telangana except them will bring down BRS. Do you understand KTR.. Still know and follow the basic principles of democracy.. Work.

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