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In the middle of the green fields of Anaganagana Godarodu, there is a mandula like a parnashala.

Kumari Srimathi Review : A dirty lady.

Kumari Srimathi Review: The fruit is sweet, the air of the pear, the green field, the honey on the branch of the tree, the cheese made with jaggery, the ghee sold, the rice cooked in hot rice. Wherever you go in search of a job, in earning a living, the container gets wet. Kumari Srimati is exactly such an attempt. This web series starring Nithya Menon is streaming on Amazon.

In the middle of the green fields of Anaganagana Godarodu, there is a mandula like a parnashala. Prabhakara Raogaru, the head of the house, gets excited while enjoying the mischievous children and their joyful games in the common loggia where everyone including two sons and their children are living comfortably under the same roof.

If cut..

Twenty years later after getting the title.. As it was, the tragedy rained like a torrent.. Prabhakara Rao went bankrupt in the name of various businesses and left his wife and children and the eldest son ran away somewhere. He made sure that the little boy had his own way to feed them all.. So the house was ruined like a faded flag.. People were scattered like flowers fallen from a withered garland.. From there, the fight started over who owned the house of Prabhakar Rao who had been coming for generations.. Rao's youngest son on the one hand. Prabhakar Rao's granddaughter went to the courts on the other side to preserve the memories of her grandfather, and pleaded with all her strength. You can give thirty eight lakhs to your father within six months and write your name.. Every time the court verdicts are like burning ashes in the stomach of Cale. See it yourself at Pimrlo..

What is so special about this, you might think that we have seen a lot of such things.. In today's OTT era, when opinions are gaining strength, if there are at least a dozen booths, half a dozen gun cases, three books, and a couple of banchikku in each episode, then it is not a web series. Human beings behave in a normal way.. Even the language they speak is like Telugu language.. How we react to the challenges that life throws at us. Salutations must be made.. Each female character who looks very ordinary is one queen Rudramadevi who does not hold a sword. Veeranarimani who fights problems not enemies. By doing this work, the story is moved forward.

What is stronger than the character of a mother who bravely faced the insults and tides and won when the thief-faced Mogudodilesi ran away with her two daughters? Is the eldest son left alone with the girls for his wife.. I will stay with him is nothing compared to the role of the mother-in-law from their side? Nothing can compete with Nityaminan's role, who showed confidence in every step, to prove that women are not just sarees and gold, but even grandpa's house is an emotion..? Is it a problem that invades him or is it a competing relative..?? Never..! The friendships that helped the heroine at various stages and the support provided in this endeavor until she reached the victory point.. That's all pure love..!! What is the role of Kesha Rao whom we all see as an enemy? Unless the circumstances lead like that.. What is that guy who spread kisses even in the muzzle as if there is water in the stones..?? Not seeing her daughter's suffering, she happily took out two coins from her pocket, covered herself with the beautiful lie that her father had given her, and puffed up her cheeks like gold. It was Keshavara who kept the weight and honor of the house and the elder brother who ran away after making mistakes.. But let us know who the real enemy is in the end, that is a different matter..!!

As for the Actors..

Nithya Menon acted or lived.. she washed, dried and ironed her role and presented it to us.. She spread light all over the screen.. Gautami, who looked dull at first, burst into the tenth minute of the sixth episode and told us why the role was so beautiful. Now what can we say about Taluri Rameshwari's natural acting..?? Godari's beauties appeared on the screen intermittently.. Competing with them, even the bar scenes were repeated repeatedly and hit like stones under the teeth.. However, she is a lady without ugly moles and unsightly wrinkles, so you can watch her happily.

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