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Land Titling Act: What is the Land Titling Act controversy in AP? What is the purpose of this law? Is it a solution to land problems as the ruling party says? Is it because the land rights cannot be written as the opposition is saying? Like the Dharani portal in the Telangana elections, now the Land Titling Act is becoming a controversy in the AP elections. It has become an election campaign tool. The AP Land Titling Act 2023 is being implemented on an experimental basis in 16 selected registrar offices in the state. Recently AP Registration Commissioner has also issued special instructions. In 16 selected sub-register offices, buyers of immovable properties have been directed to give Xerox documents instead of original documents. This led to a controversy over the Land Titling Act. People are expressing concern that their lands will be left unprotected due to this law, which is being implemented for the first time in the country.

The opposition started alleging that the Act would turn out to be a boon to land grabbers. Lawyers are worried that people who have gone to court for settlement of real estate disputes due to the mistakes made by the authorities are going back to the authorities with this act. Lawyers say that the central government has brought this law to avoid disputes in land acquisition for big industrialists. The government says that TROs appointed by the government will solve the irregularities in the land purchase and sale in the tribunals. But the opposition is alleging that this will cause loss to the people.

Currently, the Land Titling Act is becoming the most controversial in the elections.' The land in your name.. will change to someone else's name at dawn. You lose ownership of your assets. Civil courts were deprived of the power to hear and adjudicate land ownership disputes. Appellate Tribunal should be approached only. You should know in whose name your land has been transferred. If we don't find out within 90 days, that's it, the propaganda of the opposition is going strong among the people. Concerns are being expressed as to why revenue records such as Pattadaru Pass Book and Adangal will become useless due to the act.. If these evidences are lost.. there is a danger that the lands will go into someone's hands. The opposition has started to forcefully convey to the people that the government has brought this law to take the land away from the small farmers according to the law. They have also promised to repeal this law if they come to power. This has been included in the manifesto.

But the government's argument regarding this act is different. The government says that if this law comes into force, 99 percent of land disputes will be resolved. Sarkar says that there will be a single title register for all the lands like agricultural land and non-agricultural land. There are more than 30 land records in the state. The government says that if there is a name in the records, other people may appeal that the land belongs to them. The government says that the disputed lands will be registered separately in the registers of disputes.. The title registers will register the names that have no objections.. A tribunal at the district level and another tribunal at the state level will be set up for the settlement of disputes. The government says that if there are objections to these two judgments, it can also approach the High Court. The government is saying that they have brought this act only to solve the land issues.. but they are making people worried by creating illusions that there is no opposition. All in all, the Land Titling Act controversy in AP has become a campaign tool for political parties.

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