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TDP Janasena First List: 21 out of 94 seats for TDP? | Telugu News


TDP Janasena First List: In connection with the elections in AP, TDP and Janasena alliance announced candidates for 99 seats ...

Bollywood: If you step into that bungalow, that's it.. Three star heroes who are broke financially! | Telugu News


Bollywood: Horoscopes, Vastu…. Progressives dismiss all these as superstitions. But 99 percent of the society believes them. They build their ...

WPL 2024: Father is a rickshaw puller, daughter is WPL match winner | Telugu News


WPL 2024: Despite the talent, many players will not be able to perform in the games if the financial conditions ...

Tripti Dimri: 'Animal' actress in businessman's love.. boyfriend shared photos! | Telugu News


Actress in businessman's love.. boyfriend shared photos!” title=”Tripti Dimri: 'Animal' Actress in businessman's love.. boyfriend shared photos!” class=”lozad”> Tripti Dimri: ...

Chandrababu-Pawan : Babu-Pawan Super Plan.. Another check for Peddireddy family? | Telugu News


Chandrababu-Pawan Kalyan : Andhra Pradesh assembly elections heat up. The ruling YCP has already released the list of candidates in ...

Wiral Pic : That's why we get married.. His answer is not usual.. | Telugu News


Wiral Pic : Some elders say that marriage is a crop of hundred years..others say that it is a big ...