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LG polymers gas leak victims

LG Polymers: The LG Polymers accident is one of the biggest in the history of the state. 12 people died due to toxic gas leak from LG Polymers Company in Visakha. Many fell ill. For the past five years, the state government has failed to stand by the victims. There are allegations that the management has played a role. The way Jagannatak played with the people as well as the LG Polymers Company has become a topic of discussion. Now that the government has changed, the company has come forward. It is ready to provide prompt justice and compensation to the families of the deceased. It is remarkable that they have come forward to pay crores of rupees. There are almost 5000 affected families of this company. LG Polymers Company has come forward to use this amount for all of them. After the change of government, the pattern of ownership of the industry has also changed.

In the LG Polymers incident, there are allegations that the YCP representatives showed their hand. It seems that he has cheated the management even at the last minute. It is known that 12 people lost their lives due to poisonous gases released exactly four years ago. As a result, the YCP government did not give permission to the management to move the industry from Visakha. Immediately after the incident, the then CM Jagan responded. It has been announced that compensation will be given at the rate of one crore rupees for the dead, 25 thousand for the sick and 10,000 for each person in five villages. But so far many of the sick have not received help. Experts have also warned that the effect of toxic gases will remain on those villages for the rest of their lives. With this, the YCP government has promised to build a super specialty hospital there. He also said that health cards will be given to the people of the affected villages. The hospital was not built and they were not treated. Three more who died within the month of the accident were not compensated.

LG Polymers Company is based in South Korea. Immediately after this incident, the MD, CEO and two other directors of LG Polymers from that country were arrested. But it is alleged that YCP representatives helped them to get out quickly and go to their home countries within a few days. Originally, the locals raised a large scale protest asking that this industry should not be managed locally. If the management came forward to move that industry to Sri City, they granted the permissions. They are also the ones who created obstacles. On the one hand, while the court cases are going on, on the other hand, the YCP government has refused to help. There are allegations that all kinds of decisions regarding LG Polymers Company have been made from the Chief Minister's office since the accident. At least the charge sheet was not filed with the police. If it had been done like that, the case would have ended and the company would have left here forever. But there are allegations that some of the then YCP rulers turned LG Polymers into their pocket company.

A South Korean magazine has published a special article regarding the LG Polymers incident in India. At the same time the TDP coalition government came to power. The management of LG Polymers responded to this. It is prepared to provide additional compensation to the victims to compensate for the loss caused by their company. It is also ready to move the industry to Sri City in Nellore district as per the request of the locals. According to the court verdict, the Visakha plant is expected to be used for environmentally friendly products. The representatives of that company told CM Chandrababu directly about the same. After the accident in the industry, despite coming forward with similar proposals, the YCP government did not respond much, the criticism made by the representatives of LG Polymers Company. Only after the change of the new government.. the developments regarding the LG Polymers incident changed. The concerned company has also taken the initiative. This is now leading to debate in industrial circles.

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